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“Feelin Good, Monkeys Spinnin Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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MaLiha Khan Yousafzai says:

Glass ! plz keep kids safe ?

Wembler2 Hopscotch™ says:

I dont visit locial zoos, i prefer to visit and spend my money on visits fo rescue zoos/farms for animals which cannot live alone in the wild

Helen Chester says:

Cats are funnier

Rachel Oquendo says:

So sad to watch this I didn't find it funny at all, most animals when they are agitated or stressed they will pace back and forth, almost all the cadged cats did that :'( Zoo's are just as bad as SeaWorld they claim they cadge animals to educate people but in reality its just for profit cause if you really want to learn about them its best to observe them free, the only ones who should be cadged is us. I have gone on lots of rides threw sanctuaries where the animals run free and you are in the cadge so much better and the animals do things you would never see them do in the zoo

Twish says:

Dont you know kids shouldnt be left close to a camel? Yep right! Humans might laugh but some of these animals are not even on the same page. ?

Cat Lover says:

I think cats are much better then this junk

Deswita Anggraini says:


Hurricanetortilla says:

The big cats that are like trying to "eat" the kids are just wanting to take them as their cubs. Quite sad really.

Gurchetan Singh says:

Sometime its dangrous

Anita roblox & more & and friends!! says:

What kind of stupid parents don't calm their freaking child down when their scared ? that's just stupid,if I was a parent and my child got scared I would calm her down with something not just stand there and record it

Bianca Waters says:

Not one laugh in that whole video. All I see is locked up and depressed animals, and a bunch of parents that should not have been reproducing.

Dermot Mcfarlane says:

this video is not making me laugh at all

Reyna Hernandez says:

Dragons Have wings tho.. -.- ( Moms Account )

roberto cadena says:


roberto cadena says:

How dare you animals are always funney!!!????????????????????????

Luana Cristina says:

O zoológico é um lugar mais seguro para os animais ,as vezes pq tem animais que tem que ser livre?

thebestgachstudiogirl catsJUSTFORFUN says:

Cats are still funny

Raven says:

who would let their baby put its arm in a donkeys mouth ?

Phøtøgràphs says:

2:24 oh my gosh I am bursting out in laughter

Shyro Channing says:

No way… Not me… No bueno… I couldn't ever allow a child in my care, anywhere near those types of windows. Much less feeding animals directly. Because they may seem tame. And they may seem harmless. But they are living, breathing, beings, with their own feelings, personalities, intensions, social structures, behaviours & instincts. Which do not fall in line with our own. They may seem to, but as it has been proven time & time again. They do not.

And while the non-meat eaters, are dangerous enough. The actual meat eaters, would tear the face skin off one of this children, in less than a heartbeat, given the chance.

And so my point is this…

Would you want to be the one watching a child in your care, being disfigured for life, or eaten alive. Because the integrity of the enclosures reinforced perspex glass, or lab type glass, failed on that particular that day? Because I definitely wouldn't!

DannyLikesScarves says:

"I ? boobies"
w h y

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