Fast Extreme Automatic Bullet Production Factory, Amazing Modern Ammunition Manufacturing Process

Fast Extreme Automatic Bullet Production Factory, Amazing Modern Ammunition Manufacturing Process

Fast Extreme Automatic Bullet Production Factory, Amazing Modern Ammunition Manufacturing Process


พัทธะพล ปานกล่ํา says:

คนสหรัฐเยี่ยมนัดพบพี่โยบ้าน27/1หมู่ที่4ซอยจันทรฺทองเอี่ยด ตำเบลบางรักพัฒนา อำเภอบางบัวทอง จังหวัดนนทบุรี11110

SFC Retired says:

They weren’t producing bullets, they were producing rounds of ammunition. Bullets are those things that go out of the muzzle of the firearm. Buncha durn civilians!

Roel Luce says:

People dont need this. Peace on earth thats what we need!

Camshaft Shaft says:

That would be a great job

Bobel Eksen says:

i was jerking of while watching this

George Robartes says:

Ah ! EU investment . Don’t you just love it ?!

prog ' says:


Pablo Barrera says:

Así es Estados Unidos, deberían usar esos recursos en cosas útiles a la humanidad, todo lo arrebatan al mundo a base de balas.

bitrus amos says:

i did not see any gun powder application process

Zapper CD says:

Don’t care how "fast" they are made. How well do they function. Can you trust your life or your family’s life to them?

Abu Mansaray says:

someone’s name is on one of those bullets

Demons Rexis says:

Do they have AA turrets protecting the place? Looks like a primary target when war happened.

Srinivas Siddarth says:

How many lives are lost because of them, both human and animals…. Sad.!

Ryan Murphy says:

Just think, one of these bullets could be inside you soon!

aaa aaa says:

bullets for us bastards

chico11mbit says:

the music is annoying

teoretik v says:

вот русские смотрите как сионисты работают чтобы вас этими патронами уничтожать!

pulakification says:

Where do they sell all these ammo?

Mohit Chandegara says:

Hello, can we have full manufacturing process documentation. ?? you can drop it on

Garras Porgratix says:

This job must get as boring as pushing a crab into a machine for 40 years.

Chris Newman says:

6:40 to get past the music so you can hear the machines.

Джон Константин says:

"Человек"очень хорошо делает патроны,чтоб потом убивать себе подобных!

Mr DIckman says:

amazing to see how stupidity of mankind is perfected

Scott Russell says:

my x would love that vibrating table at the end

Mohammed Dheyab says:

this video is so peaceful

Zdravko Iliev says:

the factory for death..

กูอัสมี. บอลอง ลอนิ says:


3bodyZZ says:

I hate this place.

neodoc1976 says:

Wow,it is like a gun and ammo porn,wow

oron61 says:

Ditch the intro and the music and you’d have a sub.

Midnight Respawn says:

All I think of is what those will be shot at in the future.

john turner says:

Coming to a high school near you….

ProtViewer says:

damit kann getötet werden!!!

Mocking69 says:



super bullet production

Derail07 says:

So beautiful

x xx says:


Bunch007 HD says:

Wonder if they ever pick up a bullet and think that this one might murder someone, someday?

Sammy Spaniel says:

Rumor has it there are no workplace conflicts there.

KaptKan1 says:

👎 for the music.

Groundhog says:

What I really like to hear in any upload are the machines etc., working. Not OP choice of music. If I wanted to listen to tacky wallpaper music – I would go search for it. 👎

Softail77us says:

I read that the ballast is no longer made in the US so we’re dependent on who that is… who is it?

Anubhav Das says:

Beauty Just for killing

Bruno Andrade says:

Very aesthetic

Dashimir says:

what song was the first ?

MrSeekLoad says:

Americans that NEVER uses their brains when it comes to health.
Wake the fuck up, and think of your health and of your future children too. Even though you may hate the enemy, in the future the enemy might become your friend and your friend today might become your enemy. NOTHING LASTS FOR EVER.
The most STUPID idea ever made since the atomic bomb. Because with time the soldiers who mass use these bullets in mas quantities in wars will develop cancer because of the atomic residue of the bullets and the bullet casing. Not only that, but that also leaves a small almost undetectable trace of radiation where it was used. But multiply that small undetectable trace of radiation with thousands of bullets shots from a machine gun and you get enough radiation to cause cancer both in the soldiers body and in the people who after the war will use that place.
As if the atomic bomb now made to destroy the entire planet if a WW3 would happen is not enough. LOL

Tommy Neu says:

Ich komme aus germany ich wird gerne bei euch arbeiten oder bewerben . Wieviel geld verdient man bei diesem job ?

sada das says:

6:11 – please, can someone explain to me what this man is doing? Why does he making circles around the, what apears to me, normal holes? If he want to circle something there are wide areas on the paper target that obviously missing some holes, like in upper left portion of the square and lower one too. And the very center of target has only two holes in it- arent that the bigger problem than some, for reasons, "wierd" shoot grouping?

Pavel Mecer says:

S&B 🙂

MSi GS70 6QE says:

for killing ppl purposes