Epic Watch Bands

Check out this Apple Watch Milanese Loop from Epic Watch Bands. This is a very cool tightly knit stainless steel mesh band. It is very lightweight and feels great against your skin. This is the Camo White Milanese Loop Band review. Currently selling on their website for $39.99 Check out their website for a whole collection of watch bands. Leather Apple Watch Bands, Nylon Apple Watch Bands, & Stainles Steel Apple Watch Bands! Website link is below.


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Jay Malone says:

Does this look like camo to you or does it just look grey and white?

Jason Ong says:

Have you tried their wooden straps?

Dominic Simmonds says:

I like all your videos

Dominic Simmonds says:

That that is pretty cool I only have one like that

Nikul Ram says:

Your videos notification makes the day satisfying.

Mark C says:

Since you said it is camo then I can see it but I might think it was some sort of animal print, too, if I didn't know. Looks pretty nice, though, and having different colors and stuff this is still a good review to let folks know the quality of the bands they have.

Daniel Plemons says:

Awesome band! Doesn’t pull hair or anything like that. Feels great! Thanks Jay!

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