‘Engrave-It’ Engraver Pen Review [Wood, Plastic, Metal and Glass Test]

‘Engrave-It’ Engraver Pen Review [Wood, Plastic, Metal and Glass Test]

Hi! Recently, I happen to see this interesting product at *SCAPE Bazaar.

It costs $10 and I thought why not try this out, I could do some artwork with this!

So I bought it and decided to do a review on it. It is not much of a review but more on whether it works:) It is a ‘as seen on TV’ product and I had my fingers crossed that it will work.

Watch to find out if it works!

Hope you enjoy this ‘review’!

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Rahul Rehill says:

Worthless thing i have ever seen

Fauza Ad says:

Ini bisa buat di besi nggak ya?

Stevo Atkin says:

Ordered from Wowcher today.

abby2785 says:

I couldnt see sample for metal engraving.

Samad Shaji says:

Can i write in silver or aluminum ¿¿¿

Vanessa barbara Forson says:

Can I use it to engrave my iPad ?

Marilyn Scoggins says:

I ordered the October 29 and haven’t received it and can’t find any way to get back in touch with them.

Ayesha Sayed says:

Please tell me what is that tool called?

Paulo Rogerio says:

péssima ferramenta desculpe

dReZ bEeZ says:

thanks! I was looking at this pen and wanted to know how well it works considering it is battery operated. thanks for the review


belinya dmna ya alat bor ukirnya,terimakasih

Hidayati 123 says:

Dimana bisa believe alat ini? No yg bisa di hubungi

Amaravathi M.S says:

Does it carve stones

Xx_Iphone_xX says:

I got mines for $2 from eBay it does engrave plastic, metal, & glass and it does works. You just need to keep re drawing on the same spot or lines to make it look more in depth and better. I’m impress by this engraving tool.

labelvr says:

That has to be the biggest piece of shit ever reviewed.

Ranjitha Rajasekar says:

can we use it for egg carving ??

BettaJanggut 75 says:

Just bought 1 for rm6 approximately $1.35.

leni 1989 says:

that is bulshit,don’t belive what you see….trust me if you don’t want to broken

08221944 says:

I agree with Leo, I have this tool and if used lightly, it works fine. Of course it not a master engravers product, but it will mark your tools, valuables, etc., very nicely.

Justin Crediblename says:

looks only slightly more ergonomic than a dremel

Kathi Reich says:

How do you replace the drill bits

Xx_Iphone_xX says:

$2 on eBay from china I’m buying it


As seen on TV
Says it ALL 💀💀💀

jonathan Quashie says:

thanks for the information. very imformative

Nitti 1992 says:

Is it work on Argent too??

candyfloss362 says:

I have one very similar from wish.com . It does work but there is an art to it to much pressure the bit stops moving. At an angle and skimming. My husband got me a hard wired etcher and off coarse it’s a different method again.


Can I use it as a mini drill??

Xx_Iphone_xX says:

@ 1:55 mines is hard to pull out =( how did you do that? =)

Yuki Yamamoto says:

I bought it today, and the rubber for the button keep falling off :l

Laxman Patil says:

sir we can use it on glass??

Virgo says:

I just ordered one, thanks for the video!

en anden says:

Great, need one to engrave my children’s toys, shoes etc. Thanks for sharing

shabgard tanha says:

very good

Nickeq3 says:

hi Billy Mays here!

sherry Martin says:

I have one too!
I’ve made custom utensils for my brother, he loved them. His roommates know not to use his stuff lol. I’ve also "tagged " my sons girlfriends nursing gear too, ..my massage stones, i could go on. I think its great. Tag your stuff 🙂

Kozi Videos says:

Got this for 2$ on AliExpress, can’t wait for it to arrive. I love woodcarving, but tools are expensive. This seems to work great, at least for the price paid

Ranjeet Singh gurjar says:

Can I use demand burr in this machine

Harsimran Singh Baweja says:

It is available for₹200 or approx 3.6$ in india.Check it on amazon

Rafael2884 says:

what a shit, why thigs like this are created

ruby2411 says:

I disagree with some of the bad reviews. I bought this 3 years ago. I used this to engrave on coloured glass pebbles. I have sold many since then. For this cheap engraver, it is excellent. You get two sets of drills. I am still using the first one. It does the job if you are just engraving words, don’t use it for fancy artwork. The only thing I suggest is to go slowly and not just once.


عفوا التصوير و الاضاءه رديئه جدا

Dead End says:

Thank you this answers my questions. I’m getting it for my little art project

Julio Cavalera says:

how deep is the stroke of the pen?

Snezana Hudicek says:

Can you give me a link where you buy this 😀 I’m from Montenegro

Astral Voyager says:

Could be use for tattoo , need to replace that tip.

Dewed G says:

Did you test it on metal? or did I miss it?

Max Bosco says:

Almost a dildo

pole gar says:

thanks for sharing, is this suitable for carving thick cardboard?

Vishnu says:

Is it like drilling

Random Reviews And More says:

this was 99 cents at menards on clearance