Emergency Evacuation – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

It’s all hands on deck when a mattress factory is set ablaze.
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In season 7, NBC’s Chicago Fire follows Lt. Matthew Casey and brash Lt. Kelly Severide as the pressure to perform on such a high level takes its toll, sometimes putting team members from the Truck and the specially trained Rescue Squad at odds with each other.

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“Chicago Fire” – an edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America’s noblest professions. The firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 risk their lives week in and week out to save and protect the citizens of their incredible city. With big reputations and hefty egos, the pressure to perform and the adrenaline rush of the job is bound to have an effect on these modern heroes. Friendship, rivalry, marriage, divorce, fighting, hidden romance — sometimes it’s hard to keep it totally professional. When it’s “go-time,” though, they put their differences aside and put everything on the line for each other.

Emergency Evacuation – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

Chicago Fire


Always Here says:

I understand that Boden doesn't want to risk losing a crew member but he can't possibly justify ordering them to leave 6 civilians to die. A firefighter is supposed to risk his life for others.

TY Retr0 SM says:

Damn boo he burnt

Sara says:

Wait who got burnt at the start

Sara says:

This is to scary but WAY TOO interesting to stop watching also just me or was it SOOOOOOOOO SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Matt’s Trains and things says:

I think it would be good if the kid Said brothers stick together

Misty Shires says:

Also,my ex's sister in laws son is a fireman,it's no joke!!!!

Misty Shires says:

Damn ,what is it with Chicago,My Mom,who was a singer,back in a day,went to Chicago on gigs,it wasn't that bad,we are talking the 1950d!!!!

TaexVStudios says:

As much as I hate saying it. If they can't get those remaining people out from behind that trapped door then they have to leave them. Its one of the worst calls to make (especially knowing they are alive) but you cannot put yourself, your team and all the other victims whom you are able to reach in any more danger when a boiler is seconds away from exploding. It's basically a situation where you decide a priority and their priority is the people they are able to save.

Aaron Forsey says:

Any one remeber shay she is in a new Netflix series

Christopher Casale says:

It’s either gonna be severied or Herman not coming back next reason. 😔

Kane Torrance says:

Hope they haven’t killed off raider and Herman 😭 what about raiders puppy man

Kisiel Pl says:

So… American fire fighters has very good equipment but see VFD in Poland

Capten Ente/ von Raumschiff Enterprise says:

Dis is my favorite serie


First of all you don't put water on a pressurized system that has been on fire. It will just create more steam and pressure.

Luis NoTevaGustar says:

Link to see this episode?

Tom Walker says:

this is the biggest cliff hanger ever, you actually hurt my feelings

Amelie Naish says:

Hey y'all 🐼🐨🐷

Aaron Forsey says:

Why didnt severide just smash the window on the door

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