Elizabeth Taylor interview Barbara Walters (with jewels)


Aura Hyel says:

Dame Elizabeth was not only a fine actor but also a great humanetarian.

Patricia Daniels says:

I did not realize the depth of my admiration for Elizabeth Taylor until until her untimely death…I actually cried. Elizabeth was a great mother, actress and person… When truly in love she was devoted…

Chloe Beckett says:

Fucking love elizabeth Taylor

Belle Singer says:

she had about as much jewels as the queen Elisabeth 2nd herself!

ysoof groof says:

She’s so adorable.

Aura Hyel says:

Barbara Walters is such an irritating twat. No manners. She should have addressed her as Dame Elizabeth throughout the interview.

L M says:

Those jewels…

hairyscotman says:

Lovely, Elizabeth….there will never be another….I miss knowing she’s in the world….

Marcos Garcia says:

Now is underground as her jewels came out…

douglas rameck says:

I love Liz,

lambchopxoxo says:

Ohhh I love her so much.

34Charmian64 says:

Sharp, witty, beautiful as ever Liz. I love this video. Thank you Val.