Eddie Murphy FUNNY Moments

Eddie Murphy FUNNY Moments

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White Noise says:

I’m white as a muthafucka and I grew up wanting to be Eddie Murphy. He’s half my personality… The other half is his brother Charlie !!!!!

Charlie Rayment says:

Thank you for putting this together 🙂

Jose Montes says:

One of the best!

jeflynnenut says:

Man how did he go from the 80’s funny to now? He just isn’t as funny anymore?

Moses says:


Jessica Rk900 says:

omg he looks so good! Wow hes in shape to O///O

M A L 1 C 3 says:

Funniest 🤣 human ever bar none 😂

Dennis Carver says:


Carrington Copes says:

The master at his best

wonder miraclous says:


Nahseem X says:


Bob Escabar says:

He still looks the same he aged well black don’t crack

WestWard Pomona Gyrl says:

Fuck’n 1 of GOAT’s man

jim boukis says:

best comic after george carlin, only black dude that doesnt go into racial stuff which i love, his material is priceless!!!

윤성준 says:

Where’s Donkey?

whiteboy Tom says:

Kevin’s hart has nothing on eddie

Gigi b says:


Ashley Mitchell says:


Iconic Nix says:

Tracy possessed Eddie 3:50

arcticridge says:

4:48 camera guy laughing his ass off!

Fat Jasper says:

growing up in a rich white town with strict parents I awlays caught hell for my admiration for Eddie. He is litwerally my hero and if I could meet ONE celebrity or ANYONE in the world I would hands down choose to have a beer with Eddie. My hero growing up and thats a rish white kid from suburbia LOL lOVE LIVE eDDIE MURPHY FUNNIEST MAN TO EVER BREATH

judahsoldier23 says:

669k views. Illuminati 🤔

David Howard says:

I was crying when he did Yul Brenner 😂😂😂

AL Cazone says:

Der Typ ist doch Schwul ! Bäääähhh

Karl Hungus says:

Eddie does a better Tracy Morgan than even Tracy Morgan! What an amazing talent. His 80s stand-up is STILL fantastic. Of course, like others have written, Eddie looks remarkable — not "looks good for his age," he just looks good period! He’s the best.

Rose Asante says:

I miss him on the screen😢💛🧡

Ronnie Williams says:

9,10, or 11 kids, Damn. Eddie you have a little Money, buy a TV already. Damn so many kidd, wow. Family man.

N9NE says:

The GUS story till this day is one of the funniest things Ive ever heard in my life. Delirious was easily one of the funniest standup comedies of all time.

jason hubert says:

Great vid. Thanks!

Diedre Kelly says:


¤T'CHALLA¤ says:

One word…..ICON.

BJMallory says:

You know he’s kicking himself for not going to Yul Brynner’s party.

Infidel14? says:

You have to be an inmaginative genius to make up a skit about your auntie being a Bigfoot(around 1:11) and it be funny as hell. #GoonieGooGoo

octane says:

"that shiet wasnt funny mofo, stevy wonder is a musical genius !"

Fan Page says:

I miss his movies, he dissapeared.

Thabo Nyewe says:

the tracy Morgan impression. Classic

Stick It To Them says:

you just can not beat Eddie

Abigail Brown says:

I’m sorry but every time I hear Eddie Murphy I think of donkey from shrek 🤷‍♀️

Mike Evans says:


Amin Smith says:

When he did Tracy Morgan I died

Luis Teixeira says:

the one.

Carrington Copes says:

His impersonation of Tracy Morgan is legendary

Leviticus Khan says:

EDDIE love them trannies!!!

Mattheo B says:

Eddie is top 4 on my list of the comedians of the century. George Carlin Eddie griffin Robin Williams and Him.
With me everyday

Lan Krownet says:

Poor guy keeps changing channels but its all Eddie Murphy

mitch montana says:

this mfer dont age

Max Chamine says:

Eddie is a true original. He made my childhood awsome

Patrick Malungani says:

I like the Charlie Murphy inpression

Kul Vlogs says:


obiechinaldo says:

Who first thought it was Eddie saying “…if you like this video..”