Dragon Ball Super- Grand Zeno Destroys Universe 10 (Funimation English Dub)

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Stfu bitch says:

I wish I was Immortal so I can kill all mortals.

Gus Windsor says:

Continuation of comment…And the Future Zeno is representative of the Second Coming

Gus Windsor says:

This is almost like the Battle of Armageddon. A dystopian, decimated world with few survivors lost and clinging to life. Chaos and ugly destruction. Zamasu, being a powerful deity destroying mortal life based on a twisted philosophy, is symbolic of an anti- Christ or Demon. Zamasu eventually pollutes the whole world with his evil ickyness and merges with the fabric of the dimensions. The only way to stop him is for Zeno sama to wipe the world completely clean, set 100 back to 0, and erase everything unclean, unpure, and filthy( Zamasu and anything taken over by his influence). Many fans think that everyone in this world was erased for good, but not exactly… In the end, Whis, who is an angel (1 of 12, perhaps representing the apostles?) Restores the timeline to a point before Zamasu made his move, and had Beerus destroy that Zamasu. It was truly divine intervention. With Zamasu gone and unable to set Zero Mortals plan into motion, the people of that world now can live in peace and not have to even experience what Zamasu did to them, as Whis set time back to before this all started, thus reviving everyone in that multiverse who was either erased by Zeno or killed by Zamasu. Since Whis has the ability for natural time travel, the people of the restored world are not simply duplicates or doppelgangers of the ones erased by Zeno, but in fact the exact same people brought back. It's Trunks timeline reborn at an earlier point, not a brand new one. Whis is very powerful. This act by Whis would be akin to the rapture, as all the people and life destroyed by Zamasu or erased by Zeno are now alive again, are living in peace, and now have the blessing to go on living.

Paprica 67 says:

I thought you were supposed to be inside the time machine in order to travel

Pablo Perez says:

Wait but what bout zamasu's wish? I mean i thought he can't be destroyed? Or am i missing something?

Chris Playz says:

2:22 cough cough FBI open le fuck up

Momo D says:

Man goku should had done that sooner

LanderL9 says:

ew gross, monicas voice sounds even worse to me now

Danialdali says:

He didn’t erase Universe 10. He erased all of reality, the entire timeline.

Ryan Blackston says:

Zeno is so strong 💪 God

Deku Ultra says:

Lol mini mai

Soccer Clips says:

Universe 10?

FootballAPK says:

Is it me or does Zeno sound like cailou on eng dub

Benjamin the king Of Asgard says:

Pause around 2:062:08

Armando Perez says:

ill destroy it

Jiingle Atanacio says:

Saitama can kill this guy

Tristan Chanthavong says:

If Goten and trunks and Zeno is voiced by little kids, the creator of DBS should explain

Ultimate says:

Holy kidnapped zenoh

Majin Matt says:

This title is incorrect. It should be "Zeno destroys Future Trunks multiverse"

dickheadmilkyway says:

why is there two zenos different times? Zeno is supposed to be Almighty and he's supposed to rule ALL timelines

Christopher Small says:

His attack name was all of existence go away. He is over powered as hell

Bocar Jah says:

Goku :hey zeno can you get rid of this guy
:zeno I will destroy it
:goku don't you da
:zeno all of exsictene go away
:goku oh crap

Black Star says:

so he is a copy of franklin richards?

Project Peralta says:

Pause at 2:08

DragonGod Aaron says:

0:56 Pecking order

elienai ulpierre says:

Don’t fall for this kids if it’s some you didn’t know 🤣 btw he sounds like a kidnapper 3:37

elienai ulpierre says:

Innocent gotenks 😇 2:07

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