Brand New Dollar Tree Loves and Loathes! Dollar Store product reviews from products I’ve hauled recently. Lets talk about the Good, bad and ugly of the Dollar Tree!

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I’m a stay at home mom to 2 boys ages 5 and 1. I have a passion for my family, DIY projects, beauty and for LIFE! On my channel you will find Dollar Tree hauls and other ways to be frugal and fabulous. I love finding the best inexpensive items and sharing them in video and on my blog. My channel is a true reflection of my life and all of the Sensational Finds!

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Nichole Morrissey says:

I love your videos! The $1 tree reviews are so helpful! This might be a weird thing to comment on but your eyebrows are SO perfect! Haha! You should do a brow tutorial on how you style them! I seriously struggle with keeping my brows styled and would appreciate the tips! Thanks for all of the videos!

Luz Olmedo says:

You are so real, down to earth
Thank you for sharing your videos/ideas with us
Greetings from New York ?

Andrea Walsh says: you use a setting g spray…?? May help w staying power of make up!?

Linda Smith says:

You are too adorable. I see a lot of Dollar Tree videos but I come back to yours because you are just as cute as a button. And I love buttons!

yuli anna says:

I love the lens wipe too!! They work amazingly!! I love your videos!!??

Kelly Green says:

Great job as always! U look awesome. Review video suggestions… False magnetic lashes. I've been seeing them all over fb & Groupon & was curious to know if they are any good.

CAMR454 says:

I love love your channel! I'm a Philly girl too ?

Greer Alley says:

Oh, I'm addicted to that snack mix, too!

Jodi Bradley says:

"our men" ?

Marleni Medrano says:

New subscriber…and i already love your videos..

Tiyan Campbell says:

Great Video dear you are so beautiful an yes that concealer is trash it dont cover no marks

Kellie D says:

Yum! Gonna go look for the snack packs!

Tiffany Szymanski says:

I tried those crunch bar sweet and salty packets a couple weeks back. they are so good! I need to go back to dollar tree again soon and stock up lol

Edith Forsyth says:

I'm new to your channel and really liked your video. Look forward to seeing your next one.?

Lisette Rivera says:

Great video!! Thanks ???

beth f says:

Thanks Sarah! Love these vlogs! Hey….i noticed that you might want to consider updating your "About Me" section. Aren't your children older than 5 and 1 now? They are growing up so fast! ?

macaronipop says:

Hey! You so funny! Love your videos!

stephanie bailey says:

I agree about the contour

Shannon Williams says:

I agree about the sharpie the jot brand stinks I threw them away.

Black Barbie says:

Girl.. your LIPSTICK is giving me LIFE. Please share the brand and name! Love your videos (and seeing your kids from time to time)

Chely Cervantes says:

Can't wait to have my own place! I will def shop at the dollar store. You inspired me ?

The G Life says:

Men do get dirty! hahahaha

Rose Espinoza says:

Hi Sarah, I love watching your videos.I am praying that you will reach 80k subscribers. You are Amazing and have a beautiful family. I will share your video with family and friends to help spread the word. The Dollar tree is my favorite store. I love going to different stores and seeing what new products I can find.

Kristen Almonte says:

Just subscribed ?? Love Dollar Tree bargains. I am always in there!

Peyton Moody says:

Love your videos!!! ???


I love the sugar foot scrubber also I buy two every month,try the dry skin therapy lotion by dermasil it's great , also the silk bubble bath makes great bubbles

Real Life Mama says:

I have not seen the almond joy kind at dollar tree but if you see them out get them sooooo good. Love your videos

Tania Sanchez says:

Hello there & Thabks so much for this video!! Really enjoyed. I also HATED the Kylie Nail polishes like you said they are truly Garbage all of them.. Worst nail polishes I have Ever purchased. Have a nice weekend & keep your videos coming ???

Yaya Court says:

Sarah you have been slaying the choker trend I bought my first one the other day and I liked the way it looked I will invest in more I love your video please don't ever change

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