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Hi guys! Todays video is my Dollar Tree Loves and Loathes Product Reviews #2. I share products I’ve been loving and some that I’ve not liked. I talk about makeup, organization, food and more. It’s a way to share short reviews on products you’ve seen in my hauls. If there’s a item you’d like me to review please ask and I will.

What are some of your favorite Dollar Tree items?

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I’m a stay at home mom to 2 boys ages 3 years old and 3 months old. I have a passion for my family, for DIY projects, for beauty and for LIFE! I was inspired by this amazing Youtube community of moms and decided it was time to start sharing as we’ll!

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***I purchased all of the products I talked with my own money. Some videos may contain affiliate links


April Fields says:

I do like these videos but I would like it more if maybe you talked just a little bit slower lol Also if maybe you limited the product description and all to less than about 20 seconds instead of minutes on each bc it becomes boring after the first little bit of the video

Tilda Glasper says:

I love watching you and I use the container that you had on this video and they keep my food really fresh

Emily Morris says:

I Love your videos! new sub from texas 💝

Lane D says:

New subscriber! I've been watching most of your DT loves & loathes video! Thanks for the info!!👍🏽😺

Mrs. Dowdy says:

my daughters anger I user the tea tree shampoo ND conditioner. they work great also help with problematic scalp. my daughter had very dry scalp. what oils and creams do u use for hair. my daughter had a mixture of Rican and black hair. very thick. 👍👍 great vids btw

Ruth Mann says:

Loves lets see, every one loves gifts.

Ruth Mann says:

Hi! I just not to long ago bought a beauty blender, haven't used it yet, thanks for the info.

Susie Q says:

hidden word was Loves and I am a new subbbie  and I did love your video thank you for your reviews it will save me money.

Shelly Lori says:

Thanks for doing this video. I enjoy shopping at the dollar store and the reviews help me know whether or not to splurge on new to me products.

janeen Hutchinson says:

Great video!

Dezeri Smith says:

Am I looking at jordin sparks big sister, wow cute.

Beautylover says:

Great reviews

Evalinda Gallardo says:

Your so cute! Love your videos!

karebear848 says:

Great vlog! I'm obsessed with Blossom Blast

summer storm says:

U r the target/dollartree facebook ?

duncandy says:

LOVES this type of video!

Living Even Keeled says:

I love it when I get to hear honest reviews – both good and bad.  Thanks for sharing!  "LOVES"

Sabrina Aguilera says:

Hi Im a new subby. I live in California and I Love to watch all the new videos on hauls, likes dislikes from different shopping reviews. Thank you for sharing and I watched your video to the end. The hidden word is Loves. 🙂

Martha Lorena says:

New Subbie here!
Great video! Tfs! 🙂

PinkProzac16 says:

My two stores just really don't get much makeup. No white rain shea lotion or Milani lip liners or eye shadows. I actually bought some of the milani baked shadows a couple years ago at CVS and "loves" them so was lucky to find someone on your swap page to send me some, yay!