Do You Really Need A Watch Winder? Yes Or No?

Today’s video is all about watch winders. What is a watch winder? How do they work? And most importantly, do you actually need one?

A watch winder can be a nice item to have, however whether or not you actually need one is a personal choice. It may seem obvious, but watch winders only work for watches with automatic movements. If you’ve got a manually-winding watch, a watch winder will do absolutely nothing for you. The watch winder keeps an automatic watch running by turning the watch every so often, which pivots the rotor and therefore, keeps the power reserve topped off.

Reasons you might want a watch winder:

1. You like to “set and forget”.
2. You have watch with lots of complications, like a perpetual calendar with moon phase (and an automatic movement).
3. You like gadgets.

One BIG reason you might NOT want a watch winder:

1. You like the act of actually winding and setting your watch.

I am actually one of those people who likes to wind my watch. I like the connection to something mechanical. I like hearing the gears turn. But–big BUT–one of my watches can be a pain in the you know what to set, especially if if hasn’t been running for a few weeks. Watch the video to see what I’m talking about!

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FTC: This video is not sponsored. Big thanks to Barrington for providing the watch winder featured in this video.

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Benjamin Reiß says:

Thanks for the video, really nice. I was still interested in how loud such a watch winder is. I imagine that some people like to put that thing also on the dresser in the bedroom. The only question is, if you hear noises the whole night when the watch winder runs…

Muhammed Siddique says:

Nice presentation, and honest

Mohamad Kaafarani says:

Is that you G-Eazy?

Arnold Jenkins says:

No you don’t need a watch winder

damon rottermond says:

you can move the hour hands only on the gmt as a pseudo quick set.

Gary Shirinian says:

Thx for replying. Sorry I must have missed it with other distractions.
1950 RPD , doesn't over wind the watch . I've read about rolex as 650 RPD .

Jim N says:

Old watches that cost a fortune to service are much better on watch winders. They also look good on your desk

Gary Shirinian says:

Hi good video, thx for putting out .
How long you've had your wonder,
Also how many revolutions an day does turn . For what I understand rolex requires 650 rev a day ( RPD)

Krzysztof Hadala says:

It was OK very interesting

Dan Fletcher says:

You played saxaphone in the army… That's awsome!

Dominic Ang says:

Just wind your watch it once a week, it’ll be fine… not worth the money to buy a winder for

iimaniDAVID says:

Watchwinders like the one you're showing tend to magnetize the inner workings of the watch b/c they hold the watch too close to the winder's motor and inside the magnetic field of the motor. Consider the Bernard Favre winder that holds the watch above and away from the winder's magnetic field.

. Cheers!

Sonshine says:

It's really an unnecessary convenience. And I personally don't think the convenience is worth the price of some of winders out there.

Doug M says:

For what’s its worth, I’ve heard from several watchmakers and repairers that watch winders are a really, really BAD idea! They overwind the mechanism, stress the hairspring and add unnecessary wear and tear to your movement meaning more frequent servicing WILL be required. So my eight piece winder now sits silent and motionless as a display case for my watches! Take heed gentlemen….and ladies!

R.J. Op den Kelder says:

Answer. No!!

mike jones says:

If you need a watch winder, then you probably have too many watches. At the end of the day it's more junk for us to accumulate.

Paul Angeloff says:

I just read an article that said if you leave your automatic stationary too long the tiny amount of lubricants in the watch can settle out and congeal thus damaging the watch in the long run. What’s your take on that ?

Audiman77 says:

Orbita rotorwind. Best winder hands down. I gave my my wolf winders to my 8 year old to make army bases for his army toys lol. Great video

neil piper says:

All automatic watches should be handwindable as well.
Soon the 7s26 seiko watch movements which can't be handwound will (hopefully) be phased out.
I have to shake my Shaiko 5 otherwise it just stops.
My Seagull Ocean Star can be handwound and has a long power reserve as well.
Come on Seiko you need a shake up.

panyc10 says:

if you start the video by saying that a lot of people ask you X, and the quick answer is "it depends on you", it pretty much kills the video straight away.

dhana saputra says:

Yes for automatic winding

Michael Turner says:

Barrington motor only lasts 6 weeks with the most powerful batteries. Swiss Kubik are my favourite winders.

xn43 xn43 says:

Good to have you back.

SumoRich says:

That Barrington winder is gorgeous. If I ever add a multiple complication watch to my collection, this video put Barrington in the mix.

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