DISH vs. DIRECTV 2018 | Best Satellite TV Provider Battle

DISH vs. DIRECTV 2018 | Best Satellite TV Provider Battle

In the world of satellite TV, two names reign supreme: DISH and DIRECTV. Read our full review at

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Which one comes out on top in our 2018 head-to-head matchup? Craig talks with Kyle, a writer to determine a winner.

They talk pricing, channels, equipment, packages, and more for DISH and DIRECTV.

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TheActual Jose says:

Should I change to direct tv because Univision is out of dish

William Bare says:

Dish is better

Kenny Cyrus says:

Dish is the worst by far not a contest. Direct tv has got to be better if it works and keeps working at all.

Anthony Gonzalez says:

I hate dish they have been nothing but problems since signing with them in Jan 2018. First of all they wouldn’t let me sign up using my debit card they said it had to be a credit card. Who are they to tell me which account I can pay for their services out of??? Next it was supposed to be electronic payment each month, well after 3 months of fighting with them and a huge bill with past due charges, they told me they had it fixed, guess what? Wrong they still haven’t taken my payment this month. Next the sent us a box to return something but we had no idea what it was after about 2 hours on the phone on a Saturday day off it turns out that the installer who couldn’t get the Joey that was supposed to be assigned to our account to work so he switched it out for one from his truck. However, he didn’t make the corrections in his paper work so it looked as though we had 3 of them with 1 to return. The lady we talked to called me a liar because the serial numbers didn’t match her records and she was going to charge us for the original one that was broken even though the installer took it with him. I could go on and on but then I know no one will read it. So in a nutshell in addition to the problems above it is not user friendly it sucks, I hate it I am going back to direct tv

Kevin Kelly says:

You should include customer service in your reviews. Directv was the best until att got a hold of them. Now it SUCKS. Not sure how dish is but I’m going to try them. I’ve been with Directv for 20 years. It time to say good buy!

mrdrer7 says:

16 tuners… you can buy some of dishes smart home products too.

MOStormChaser says:

DirecTV all the way, not happy with Dish Networks quality and DirecTV’s HD quality is on point compared to Dish

Jim P says:

What about 4K? What about wireless receivers? Sling TV vs. Direct Now. I know Dish charges extra for all that. I have been with Dish for 20+ years; and, I’m thinking about switching because they want $ plus new contract to upgrade to Hopper 3.

Mysterious User 0083 says:

I work for dish. That hopper dvr is awful! It has a crazy high failure rate and constant software issues. 1 in every 8 I install will have issues. And if you get anything but a hopper 3 and your family likes to record, they cant watch tv because the 2-5 tunners of the hopper systems will stop watching tv to record a program which most of my customers absolutely hate. Also the whole home client system fails a lot. Most customers who I service hate they ever upgraded to the hopper. I cant recommend it.

The McGuire Life says:

Directv hands down all the way! I’m a Huge Houston Astros and rockets Fan. Dish don’t deliver the Astros and rockets.

manny robles says:

Like your videos

Just Me says:

Talk clearly and loudly. Stop mumbling and fading off. My mother was trying to watch this video but the guy with the hat on just was horrible in speaking. Just horrible reviews. Local channels ? 4K options ? How many tv’s included per company ?

Gilbert Rangel says:

We have Direct Dish and it SUCKS!!! Cant watch shit when it rains!!!!

RoofTopPigeon says:

You should make another video with the two of you discussing DISH vs DirecTV Picture Quality! 🙂

Creepingdeathx81 says:

Y’all didn’t touch on picture quality from each one

Thomas White says:

I’m a beta tester for dtv now and they will be releasing a new interface along 20hrs of dvr cloud storage

stephen piccioni says:

we need more companies to set up competition will drive prices down its the only way… hey mr Musk forget the space thing and get into satellite

Mike Phillips says:

You guys left out the shitty no single during storms..

gary glackin says:

They’re both ripoffs! Overcharging the consumers!

Miguel Ntirampeba says:

dish is WAYYYYY better

first of all, he didn’t mention there are other dish packages like the welcome package, at 22.99 a month. Also, the smart pack, for 45 dollars and still have a good amount of channels. Dish has cheaper options, and I prefer it over Directv.

Elmer Pacheco says:

Fuck. direct TV nothing but TV commercials one after the other one can’t even enjoy a good episode because nothing but TV commercials one after the other

Fire Works says:

Do not put tv service in your kids room, you minus will shoot them up with dope.

John Doe says:

Dish has all kinds of sports… What is this guy talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Nadyne Forbes says:

It seems like, whenever a DirectTV DVR box malfunctions, the television unit that it’s connected to, begins to malfunction with it, until it just won’t turn on (ever since their last update). It took me replacing my television a couple of times, for me to begin making the correlation.

Unless DirectTV has it in writing that they will replace all television units that no longer power on, after being connected to their DVR, I will never take the risk of signing up with DirectTV, ever again! Now, I’m concerned about the cost of having to replace my privately-owned, really expensive, large-screen, high-definition, television units, AGAIN! It seems like the cost of DirectTV is WAY more than what we are billed for.

I wish that I ONLY had a billing issue with them, because this is a whole new level of being screwed by them.

Chuck Faubel says:

So my next question is this. I love watching OANN news on fios along with AXS channel. Are any of these channels available on either dish, or direct t/v ? Another question is will I able to get local news and weather. And who has the most HD channels. These are just basic questions I hope to get answers to. Thanks in advance.

Mauricio Ramos says:

So, which one has better quality and is more hd, Direct TV or Dish? Because I’m trying to mainly watch live Basketball games, and I’m trying to find out which has better quality.

Daniel Kleinmeier says:

Att blows camel toe and cock-parents 19 yrs. w direct tv-not any more -maybe cable up here in mountains of Catskills…

Cameron Snow says:

I think as an agent in the DirecTV loyalty department that people should learn to read their bills… it let’s you know when the credits are about to fall off…most of my calls are people complaining about the price going up when promos fall, call and have more promos added before those fall off, also make sure your package size is appropriate, do you really need ALL those channels or could you go down a package and save money? don’t blame DirecTV blame your budgeting abilities, thanks have a good one (and this is for billing issues mostly, not people with legit reasons, like tech and service etc)

wolf den says:

I have dish network and love it its way cheaper then cable plus i have satlelight radio on it u get tons of channels great for the price and yes the hopper dvr is fantastic and make sure to ask for the joeys with it when u sighn up.

Bradlee Mejia says:

My mom had dish but we all hated it so we got directv

Wayne Driver says:

Have had both and DirecTV usability is much better. only think I like better on the Hooper3 is 4 channel PIP. Great for watching games and news channels in the morning. I had DirecTV from the mid 90s and switched to dish when we moved 11 months ago and thinking of going back because the Hopper3 seems to be really buggy. voice remote stops working and have to reboot Hopper and sometimes it just freezes up. Also the way the buffers are handled on DirecTV is Much better. Fastforward on the Hopper is too fast in the slow mode and difficult to gauge when to stop. DirecTV accually backs up 10 seconds when you hit play if you over shoot.

Six samurai says:

I went to DIRECTV last week thanks for this video it definitely help out so much!

Gilbert Rangel says:

Still raining..and nothing but freakin problems with Direct!!!!!

Alecia Gibson says:

We have DirecTV and they suck. I hate the new guide but, not only that, they tried to add extra receivers to our bill when we moved. When we told them that we only have one receiver, not 3, they wanted us to send back the 2 receivers that we don’t have. Now they are trying to charge us for these receivers we never had to begin with. Also, the 5th time we called customer service about this, they signed us up for HBO & Showtime without our knowledge. We only found out because we saw the charge on our bill. It took 3 calls to get that taken off. They are still charging us $3 a month for whole home DVR which we don’t have. Every time we call customer service, we get some person who barely speaks English and we are on the phone for at least an hour. We have been DirecTV customers for the past 12 years and as soon as our contract is done, we are cancelling. Ever since they were bought out by AT&T, they have gone to crap. We tried out some streaming services such as Hulu Live & DirecTV Now and didn’t like them. We are thinking about going with Dish although we have heard horror stories about them too. I’m sure they can’t be any worse than DirecTV.

Robert Lee says:

My service is out right now due to rain, company don’t even send me a statement every month last time i checked my bank statement it went up five i come land line cable.

Michele deanna says:

I cut the cord dont need direct tv

Matt Quintana says:

Hopper 3 smokes anything Directv has.

Dave's Gaming says:

Dish is way better

Tammy Hill says:

I am not happy with direct TV’s new guide. In fact I hate it!! Thinking of changing

sherry Doss says:

Directv is way better than dish !
I used to have dish and was not happy with dish network’s quality.
Now I have directv and directv’s quality is on point compared to dish. Directv is really fast and much better than dish for sure. If you’re looking for best in class picture quality. You’ll be pleased with the pristine viewing quality of DIRECTV’S 4K programming.
DIRECTV also offers a few exclusive program options you won’t find anywhere else. Most notably: NFL Sunday Ticket.

Yoqlene says:

Cable and satellite both hike your price up to double after a year.

Kenny Broadway says:

Neigtier one any good u have to sign a contract.

Jesus1200 Awesome says:

I don’t know but does direct tv have Netflix like dish

Gilbert Rangel says:

Directv SUCKS!!!

sss konten says:


Chuck Faubel says:

So, which satellite provider has the most HD channels ? I am so sick and tired for paying a horrible price for watching cable. It’s gotta go.

Garland Parks says:

DIRECTV-NOW is for me broadcast poison, and the service is limited to internet chat, but WHEN will they ever get around to you? "If you’re used to reasonable wait times, dont come here". I had NO IDEA I was going to be paying an additional $40 for Direct Now’s Streaming, and I SURE DONT REMEMBER giving consent for AutoPay, but if I DID, it was because I didn’t get that part about $40 extra per month. there’s just a whole lot of disenchanted people, dropping out even with NFL Sunday ticket. THAT should tell you something.

dondi2261 says:

DirecTV was the best until at&t got in the mix.

Christopher urias says:

you’re wrong DirecTV has more channels and more HD channels for instance dish only has one Cartoon Network channel but DirecTV has 2

eugene jurilla says:

DirecTv is using dish equipment/service. Mind blowing? guess what, it is true.