Dinosaur Decathalon – The Gong Show

Watch this act, Dinosaur Decathalon, from The Gong Show.

Celebrity Judges:
Elizabeth Banks
Will Forte
Fred Arminsen

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Robert E. Waring says:

Wow, such garbage

Dropkicksmurfy says:

no talent might mean something very different in the near future. I give this panel a 5.

loraleiful says:


loraleiful says:

mind you u must LOVE seeing people fall down. A requirement.

loraleiful says:

ok….we are re watching==always love when mascots from teams havetheir weird Olympics.  THIS IS BEYONG HILARIOUS..

Gary Turbo says:

One of them fell down the stairs

KimberlyR says:

That was awesome! They had more talent than Elizabeth Banks in "Zack and Miri make a Porno"! LMAO