Detachable and Attachable Flexible-Bendable Display SmartWatch, Patent US 9,300,775 B1 — Easy phone use for private conversation. You wouldn’t need to raise your entire arm to hear the sound privately.
The Display unit easily detaches from the phone base(wrist band) by pressing two side buttons.
The phone display unit can be re-attached by simply pressing it down to phone base(wrist band).
Due to railing in the back, along with the buttons, the phone is secured in place.
Digital clock located on the wrist band is on permanently by its’ own power supply.
An additon to the watch, if the user misplaces the phone, the digital watch face will notify the user if they are more than 10ft away.
The display unit can be connected by wire to tablet PCs to get an even larger display for viewing.

US Patent Pending
For more information, you can visit:
Ken Oh Corporation DBA Ama Logic


farfolomew says:

I love it!  But why not release a product now, that doesn't depend on a fancy futuristic curved display?  Just create a very thin, smaller flat panel phone, similiar to what you have but not as tall.  Then rotate it 90 degrees and have it mounted on top of your forearm just behind your wrist bone.  It would take up maybe 3in x 2in x0.25in, almost looking like a tiny smartphone fitness holder, but worn on your forearm near the hand.  Just make sure to create it as thin as possible in depth, so it doesn't stick up and become bulky.  It seems to me that would be an ideal location and orientation, because that flat spot on your forearm isn't flexible at all and seems like a good place to have something rest on!

Or, you could even make it a smaller device, like 2×1 inches, and have it JUST be intended for phone, MP3, gps, and most importantly wireless hot spot so that you can then use a 7" tablet as your main source for media consumption?  It would still need to be detachable though, to be used as a phone.