Dancing with the Stars LIVE TOUR: A Night To Remember!

Dancing with the Stars live tour opening night in Columbia, South Carolina.
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kentky95 says:

I'm still mad that a guy that can't dance won last season.

Brenda Yujuico says:

I loved the part at 57.51& the following dance of Emma & Shasha

Sarah Elliott says:

Thanks for sharing! I’m going today, December 21 and can’t wait to see them again. Love love love DWTS!

Shreya Ramnath says:

Thanks for sharing! I hope other people do it for other cities too! 😂🔥

Sophie Quach says:

bless you for uploading this thank you i loved it!!

Lacey Willard says:

so happy you shared this! I couldn't make it to the live show so this is great!


Thank for sharing

Karly Wu says:

omg thx you..first year i can fine a good youtube video of the tour.

Emma 54 says:

Thanks for sharing it! 😍