Dan Rather: ‘Truth’ Is Less About Me Than ‘What’s Happened To The News’ | TODAY

Dan Rather: ‘Truth’ Is Less About Me Than ‘What’s Happened To The News’ | TODAY

The new film “Truth” dramatizes how Dan Rather’s stint as anchor of the CBS Evening News was cut short when a story he did for “60 Minutes” about then-President George W. Bush’s National Guard service came under fire for failures in reporting procedures. Speaking to Matt Lauer, Rather says the Bush story was true, so people attacked the process of gathering it. He admits he misses the anchor chair, but says he’s moved on – and he admits he can’t get his head around being played by Robert Redford.
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Dan Rather: ‘Truth’ Is Less About Me Than ‘What’s Happened To The News’ | TODAY


pbradford021 says:


Omar Arellanes says:

Bernie for president

Tim Steinhoff says:

Wow, what a tough, hard hitting interview from Matt Lauer! Hey Matt, why don’t you just ask for this lying phony’s autograph while you kissed his ass? Documents were "under question"??? They were fake! And Rather’s defense? Well, no one ever proved that they were fake. Uh, Dan I quote from CBS News (no supporter of W. Bush): We are UNABLE to authenticate the documents WHICH IS THE ONLY JOURNALISTIC STANDARD TO HAVE BEEN MET. See Dan? The burden was on YOU. But old Dan, well, his standard is FAKE BUT TRUE. Don’t worry about all the other BS, just take Dan’s word for it. Pathetic.

Julie Fisher says:

I am a Bush voter…but I believe Mr.Rather and Ms.Mapes.

octopibingo says:

Ironic that this liar has a movie about him called "Truth." Only in liberal Hollywood. The Killian documents, which he references as being true, were even at the time known to be fake. "Unbiased" CBS went with the story because the election was two months away and, as with every election, the liberal press wants to affect the outcome. Screw Russian collusion, we got liberals! The story was killed and Rather retired early, but not because of "reporting procedure," another lie, but because it was Fake News, they knew it was Fake News, and went with it anyway. Same as it ever was.

closertothetruth says:

Got To Love Dan Rathers

monte61 says:

Ask him why he got fire from CBS. Then he can LIE about that too. Talk about a misnomer TRUTH . What a joke

mercwindow says:

Gosh I have watched this powerful movie and I am really interested in the polarised comments below. Peoples comments are still just based mostly not all on political bias. I personally believe that MM could not have written this book and had it published if it WAS all lies. Lawyers would have been all over it. What I DO believe is that Presidents are always human beings first. Capable of the same weaknesses of any human being. It is not possible for the people a president serves to know about the conduct or nature of a President unless there are people around to ask the difficult questions. Given that TV stations and newspapers have political leanings it is so important for the public to have every side of the story to make up our minds. Presidents heads of the FBI, heads of newspapers are all subject to being paranoid or corrupt. I for one will support journalists who are brave enough to ask the difficult questions even if they make errors. For what it’s worth I also believe Mary Maples felt she and her team were unfairly treated and that she felt some guilt for being responsible for the loss of jobs so the book provides closure for her. Everyone is only focussed on the documents but fake or no there is a bigger picture and I will never blindly support people colluding to maintain or win power or who lack the courage to show weakness

robert freedman says:

Process of Rather/Mapes report on W’s military service flawed. They got the TRUTH of the story right: Preferential treatment for W’s entry into the Texas Air National Guard, W disobeyed order to take a physical, failure to fulfill terms of his enlistment — absence from drills. W not only one during Viet Nam war period to get preferential treatment.

Happy Preppers says:

Isn’t it ironic to watch two disgraced anchors discuss the "Truth"?

thecardsaysmoops says:

Anyone who cares about the news and what has become of it on television should see the movie, read Mary Mapes book and ignore comments by people who don’t care.

Douglas Wakeman says:

"You have the sense that the world is sort of spinning, spinning out of control." That’s right! For the first time, thanks to the internet and the blogosphere Rather and his Leftist minions could no longer control the narrative by spinning the truth. It must have been a shock to discover that they could no longer just lie to smear Republicans and cover for Democrats and get away with it.

The name of the movie is ironic, They are still trying to manipulate the truth by altering history but it was the truth that brought these charlatans down.

rokguitarstar says:

Two molesters fired discussing lies, go figure

frank cureau says:

That is the problems with news they try too make us believe that they "just report news", but in fact they know that they are making the news. the story may be true but what id it come to light at the time it did?

KnowledgeInTruth says:

What evidence is there that the preferential treatment to get into air national guard to avoid ‘nam is there? Killian’s son stated the claims were completely false.

Your Kidding says:

Note that all the conservative trolls below are posting in the exact manner that Dan critiques. And, of course, one must dismiss "Hollywood Elite" in favor of a Reality TV Celebrity– that’s the truth.

shigsho says:

The MOST important point is the DOCUMENTS WERE (!) FAKE.
Bush served…get over it.

anastasia2657 says:

This stupid cowardly man says he would not "back off a story". The reason this lunkhead "backed off any story" was because his boss told him to, and this coward wanted to keep his groceries. He cannot even face what an unmitigated coward he is.

NCLUSA says:

Matt Lauer?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where have I heard that name before? (: The lib news and the lib Hollywood are eating themselves !!

mel faulkner says:

I have watched this movie recently, a couple of times, trying to figure out exactly what the point was, it was bazaar how Mapes and Rather ever thought pushing a bunch of copies of copies of documents could be used as evidence, they got them from a so called sick ex veteran etc, who got them from an unknown source who ask to make copies of them and destroy the copies they gave them etc, it was weird. I found it odd they were not stopped before it ever aired. The movie tries to make Rather and Mapes seem like victims and they were anything but victims, they were political hacks in this. I can tell you copies of copies would never convince me of someone’s guilt of anything but I guess for people who don’t understand the problem could take these documents as evidence but these two should have known better and I say did know better and that is why I say it was a political hack attack on Bush Jr.

Gundum says:

wow I forgot about this. Bush was not only a horrible president but a horrible coward

holly pietrzak says:

I wonder how old Dan rather is now anyway?

Dwayne Artis says:

people please understand there’s a reason why they make these movies there’s some truth in them the messenger,such as the truth not only do lies sale the true sales as well pay attention folks and both of them had to deal with the Press

Tony Walton says:

This was in the time (not long ago) when sources mattered. Now people shout information(?) into the camera

R Ma says:

Rather should still do the CBS News! There’s no one better!

Chewy98TA says:

What’s the frequency Dan?

Mari Spagnolo-Paul says:

Dan Rather, a complete Class Act! It has been a pleasure to listen to you and I would like to say Thank you for serving your country so well……We all know that going against the Govt. can cause Damnation to All that goes against them…..they will even opt to eliminate people….happens all the time whenever someone tries to come out and tell the TRUTH or Whistle blow! If it isnt what the big bad Govt. doesnt want….they will make everyone think you are insane, committed suicide or ostracize you, whatever they have to do, but luckily Dan Rather is on the NEWS and it is a bit harder to simply just do away with someone when it is all over the news like that people will tend to ask questions if someone were to just disappear after "calling out the President of the United States!" Way to go Mr. Rather…….Keep On and know that MANY believe your story!!!!!! After all how many Presidents have we EVER had that told ANY BIT OF THE TRUTH?????????????????????????????????????????

glx490 says:

Generation of gentlemen reporters. Miss them very much. And to those who talk about lies, that’s about 80 percent of the stuff controlled msm spews out today.

Dwayne Artis says:

none of us like to be lied to but the government lie to you everyday and you accept it

Elìa1995 says:


Ana Velez says:

Love Dan Rather

Dwayne Artis says:

George W Bush Senior Cia connections did not let his son lose that election I repeat CIA connections

knicklas48 says:

Dan needs the Truth to be nuanced. He needs you to forget he tried to influence an election by telling you lies. He needs it very, very desperately.

tipofmytongue1024 says:


caio juliano says:

Sure, he’s not the bad boy.

Dwayne Artis says:

people stop believing everything the government tells you history shows of the government has lied to the American people on numerous occasions it will cover up any story that threatens their stability to govern this nation

NCLUSA says:

Dan old bean, when you take a story that is based on lies and try and make it true is called what??????.

Ronnie North says:

rather is a fake marine. he is in the stolen valor book.

David Stone says:

Never forget angry liberal democrat CBS Dan Rather was fired for lying about President Bush military record just like NBC Lying Brian Williams was demoted to Fake News MSNBC for stretching the truth about coming under enemy fire in Iraq. Why do liberal democrats like to lie so much? Democrat Senator Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam and later when called out about his attempt at stolen valor had to say he miss spoke. No Senator Blumenthal you lied.

XXthekingofyouXX says:

Two of the most credible and honorable men in journalism!

Bob Bub says:

Dan Rather is part of the problem. He himself lost his credibility a long time ago.

MrAmc1291 says:

Good Evening, I’m Dan Rather, and tonight on CBS News, seven Saudi soldiers sodomized several of Saddam’s southern settlement squatters. ssssssssssssssssss

Tricknologist says:

More fake news. A fake news peddler (with the help of his fake news friends) trying desperately to rehabilitate his legacy. Pathetic.