Cutting – The Pain Won’t Go Away

Cutting – The Pain Won’t Go Away

Christina can tell that something’s not quite right with her friend Vanessa. She reaches out to help her and discovers her secret—she’s cutting.


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Created by OK, Inc. with students from Western Reserve High School. © 2017 All rights reserved.

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Simari Is Amazing says:

You don’t shout at a child when they have been self harming you just talk to them

queen kyra2468 says:

Me: dead at my funeral
My mom: because the damn phone

Nyreon Girgenti says:

lol I have a gun in my cabinet and a combat knife.

not a tiny razor is this bad

I’m a normal person.

AddisenChloé videos says:

Why do moms blame the phone on everything?

NoseUpWaterGirl ******* says:

9:30 what is that song. ❓ I lobe it

Fallen Angel says:

This hit me hard


Mom: Why don’t you eat your food instead of playing with it?
Also mom: *gave her broccoli and pasta*
Fr tho who makes that alone for dinner at least add some sauce for the macaroni or ranch for the broccoli.

Lucille Jenkins says:

Thank You for posting this. I believe this will help plenty of people

Banterisk Dark says:

Never ask a selfharmer why they cut in such a harsh tone. It drives them to cut more.

SpiderIsAnArtist says:

seriously that mom is rlly annoying

Kimberly Minnie says:

I’m 12 I cut from depression

chlσє gαchα wσlf says:

If only people in real life would actually be understanding like that

pyrocynical has no car says:

Sees a razor blade on desk


Kendall Penniegraft says:

She is not even being dulled

Commando Kitten says:

I don’t want to be helped. I want to die

Ria Mack says:

Me: Mom I was talking to —
*mom interrupts*
Me: uh I was just going to say that I was talking to my friend and she wants to see a movie with me..
Me: …

xx Fuck you says:

this might be a long paragraph but please read this❤️
most things that bother you and make you upset now probably won’t mean shit anymore in a couple days, weeks, months or years x
if your feeling upset please talk to someone about it, it helps a lot trust me. i told my mum about all my problems and i haven’t felt this good in my whole life.
don’t cut or harm yourself, it only makes things worse x
people care about you and love you. it gets better eventually, i promise❤️

Dragonflyfaerie5 says:

This is bullshit. People say they want to help but when you need it most they “cant handle you” right now. Also this is a fantasy world, most people freak out when they find out youre cutting. Some might even stop talking to you.

Vale Ec says:

Me: mom, can we go to the park?

Mom: *It’S BEcAusE Of ThAT DamN PHoNe*

Devon Stern says:

I always think that this isn’t gonna trigger me but them I’m cutting even more and I can’t stop

giraffe1928 ! says:

Unless you have peiole that will jump infround of a train for you that douse not happen like thaf

LeMaster Disaster says:

11:00 the floor changes

Frostninja7567 Aidan says:

Me: dead
Mom: cuz of that dam phone

Jana Reitenbach says:

its not working that way I tried

Noodel says:

the girl that cuts herself is p cute ngl and she got nice cleavage

i dig goth chicks says:

Why is this video funny tho?

Løki says:

Hey mom, can I walk?

*iTs bEcaUsE oF thAt dAmN pHoNE!!*

Ralphy pgg123 says:

Me: mom im not feeling well

Mom:BeCuZ oF tHaT sTuPiD pHoNe

Happy Days says:

This video saved my life it gave me hope

Arely Saucedo says:

Me: *breathes*

Teders_cheders says:

Cutting feels good after sadness or stress

Gabriela Cibulka says:

It reminds of my friend who was cutting herself. One day I saw her drawing line on her wrist with dot and wrote the words, "cut this." I started to ask her about it and she told me she was planning to cut herself, made me swore that I won’t tell anyone. But inside me, I knew I have to because I remembered other day she have several cuts on her arms I thought it was something else. So I went to Guidance Counselor and talked to her. And I told my friend if she need someone to talk to, she can talk to me anytimes..Counselor, Social Worker, Case Manager, Parent and Officer got involved. At first she got mad at me, but later she thanked me for getting her a help. She improved big time since three years. She still talked to me about her problems and I helped her out.

Mini05miki says:

Types of comments:
1% comments actually about cutting
99% tHaT DaMN pHOnE

Rusu Gaming says:

Me:Im going outside


onia londiwe says:

depression is no childs play💔😔I’m always cutting myself💔

WolfPlayz Rblx says:

Did anyone notice that her friend said I’m getting ready for the basketball game and is wearing a volleyball shirt xD

queen kyra2468 says:

Me: mom since your so curious about everything… I’m depressed because I get bullied at school

Mom: because that DaMn PhOnE

Isabella Villagrana says:

This is what I do

Tongue Technology says:

Thats more like my grandma rather than my mom

blyat urod says:

I wanted to punch the mom (in this movie not in real life come on) because she took the blade and *shoOK IT LIKE IT WAS NOTHING WHAT THE HECK*

Tatiana De La Cruz says:

I self cut myself and have more than 29 scars

AshleySongsCover says:

4:29 I’m tired of hearing that…

BrotherSquidman says:

Me: Mom my foot hurts.
Mom: Probably cause you’re on that damn phone all the time.

Jini Clovis says:

Honestly I wish people could understand why we do this I mean its not our fault we didn’t ask for this so please if you think someone is cutting or hurting themselves please help them. Cause one day you may wake up to find that they didn’t and you could have helped only if you would have said something so PLEASE i’m begging you please speak cause you could save someone’s life

refractoryy says:

hwhere do u even get the razors. i just use anything i can find

Royal Flow says:

I cut myself

Cassie’s Adventures says:

When I try to help my friend my teacher and councilor will tell me it’s none of my business and if she wants help she will talk to me

I have feelings too You know? says:

i wish i could just kill myself with a gun and to be honest just let me die…

Rachel Trevino says:

The fact that I connect with her makes this even more sad and realistic

Shadow&Midnight says:

Question?why most of people talk about how parents say "phone is the problem" and stuff like that,the actual problem is people who cutting themselfs .To be honest ,i was cutting myself to,but i wish i never started .I’ve always through i’ll be fine if i keeep cutting but it just made me to do it more and more.The problem won’t go,it will just stay on your arm in scar shape.And this is my masssange for people who cutting themselfs : the problem won’t go if you keep up on doing that.face with problems not hide from them.And your skin is not a paper ,don’t cut it.Your life is not a game,so don’t end it,someone will gonna miss you if you pass away.if you have a problem talk to someone becuase there’s people who will help you (Ok i know i talk a lot 😅 and im sorry for my bad english ,it wasn’t my first language 😅)

Anyway ..I wish ya a great day!😊❤