Cute & Wish App Product Review

Hellooo Everyone☼
Today I have for you a review on some recent purchases on the apps “Wish” and “Cute”. I hope you enjoy my honest and raw opinion!
*DISCLAIMER: I KNOW THESE ARE FAKE PRODUCTS, take the negativity elsewhere pleasee:)*

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The products purchased in this video are not authentic.
They are wholesale products and were purchased for up to 90% off.
Please use the apps and your own risk.

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Stephanie Padilla says:

HEY EVERYONE! I have started a blog with all the links I mention in my videos, and some links you might enjoy;)

rr says:

Could u suggest smthng abt my app pls
This is the link

rr says:

Could u suggest smthng abt my app pls
This is the link

Goddessdaniela says:

I love the app wish , this video was so helpful too💕

Yukta Pawar says:

Cute shopping app is it safe ???

ashley uwu says:

cute and wish is the same thing

Hunny Bee says:

XD wish ad before the video

Michel Ramos says:

I've ordered cloths from wish and they are really good , cute and wish app are the same thing , I wouldn't buy makeup tho

Morgan Kailimai says:

What was the listings for the “Nude Tude” palette??

Ranvir Singh says:


Lalhlimpuii Khawlhring says:

It's take so long to deliver

Lalhlimpuii Khawlhring says:

It's take so long for shipping must wait about 15 days I'm from Singapore

nevia martinez says:

i actually shop on wish all the time but i do have to say READ THE REVIEWS before you buy. you can find great things this way 👌 if you dont you can get scammed into a crummy product

Nellyetz says:

Omg I like this video. Every time I watch haul videos I always get tired n stop watching the video. They use forever to talk about the products

Jerica Aldan says:


Elizabeth Leskosky says:

I like how she accidentally dropped the beauty blenders at 8:278:29 and pulled it off by purposely dropping the others. Lol made it work

ily - illy says:

Link to dose lipstick?

Aleshaa Rees says:

hi have you got a link 4 the web site were you got these items from? grt reviews thx hunn winks x

Monica says:

Your so pretty!