Crocodile – My animal friends – Animal documentaries -Kids educational Videos

Crocodile – My animal friends – Animal documentaries -Kids educational Videos
Explore some of the biggest crocodiles and alligators in Australia. In fact, Australia is the place where some of the most gigantic crocodiles live. Know about the diverse varieties of crocodiles which includes saltwater crocodiles, Johnston’s crocodile and many more
The show ‘Kids Education’ is carefully designed to give a joyful learning experience to the children. The interesting segments come as an easy and fun way to teach your children about Olympic sports and exotic places across the globe. This amazing show is indeed a great combination of fun and learning!
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Ben Gormack says:

Asian Sticker Likes Video

James Monteith says:

I love it this is James Monteith son

الدمعاوي الشمري says:

البزر خرب المقطع

Naeem Babar says:

yah video in hindi

Pato Rpc says:

Fucking trash

okinoboo says:

Cute videos but the accent was not easy to understand

Annie Mautner says:

Crocodilians are scary, but they need their space.

rowshonara khan says:

I Allred know about alligators😝😝😝😝😝

Poppydog Gaming says:

Thanks guys to this I know about them thank you 😊

hartley99 says:

I have just spent a week defining the difference between an alligator and a crocodile…. bummer.

Brian Draney says:

Personally, I always call them alligators myself, regardless of whether I see an alligator or a crocodile. I'm hoping to go to Gatorland in Florida this year to meet up with Louis from the princess and the frog.

Brooklynns dolls and more! ! says:

How did you make that video?

Happy Days says:

That's lovely I like all your facts

Martin Wise says:

I absolutely love Kids education online it gives me so much information about animals❤️💛💚💙💜💖😍

Tina Baker says:

Isn't there no water in China and what not and do you like play with your man???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????