Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

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This video is a montage of advice, tips and lessons from Stephen King, one of my favourite writers. He’s a bestselling author and a true talent in horror, and more recently, crime, science fiction and literary fiction.

Stephen King talks here about character, plot, notebooks, ideas, process and all sorts of things. He gives some brilliant advice that is perhaps slightly different to what you might hear elsewhere.

I put this together to help people with their creative writing, to inspire different ways of planning, development. drafting and editing. Also for inspiration and to give us all something to aspire to. This is perfect for beginners to creative writing, those looking for help via lessons or lectures.

So sit back and listen to the wonderful, refreshing and amazing Stephen King.

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Daniel Maldonado says:

Steven King looks like a Who from Dr. Suess

S DosSantos says:

That a plot is the last resort of bad writers is so true. I’m writing books since I’m a little child and I remember teachers told me "the best way to start a story professional is to write a plot". I actually tried that and my heart was bleeding while I spoiled myself about the whole story. It just can’t work because a big part of all the people traits develops while you write the story. If you write a plot, you don’t know how the protagonist gonna act in the end, because you don’t know the protagonist(or just a part of him). Excuse me I’m from germany so my writing in english might not be the best.

Turlough de Bhal says:

He’s a Satanist.

Neurosis says:

if you’re just starting out writing and you haven’t written a damn thing yet, then my suggestion to you is stop watching videos about writing and go fucking write something. Anything at all! Just scribble or type some concepts of ANY thing. Ready? Go

DorjeDriftwood says:

I wrote twenty five pages and put it away but don’t keep notes on anything. What Stephen fails to do is realize his astounding work rate is tantamount to keeping a notebook. If you only write a few pages a month take notes until you can increase your work rate.

D K says:

He is at GW in the last video!! HA! I go there!

Clash Floww says:

Thank you for posting this 🙂

Prof.Max Green says:

I wrote a composition with a plot because my teacher told us students to write a plot. She told us to draw a parabola and plan everything. I thought I was compulsory so I just thought in my mind. It was gonna end with everyone getting killed by a serial killer but i was lost in writing and the protagonist became the killer due to a split personality.

Marta C. Weeks says:

I so agree about "plots" and plotting a story. ! If a story does not "evolve" in me a plot is not going to keep it alive.

Renaud Man says:

🚨🚨🚨 OVERRATED Stephen King hasn’t written a book on his own for decades, as HE USES COLLABORATORS to write them for him and then he takes the FULL CREDIT.

David Burgin says:

I’ve always liked Stephen Kings movies, but his writing is so much better. I always get pulled right in to his books. If you like writing though why not get paid for it

Ryan Richards says:

Wait, wait a minute, I know this one, just add 19 30 million times in the last four books, that’s it!

Pal stoddard says:

Stephen King knows nothing about writing. He is not Shakespeare. Just kidding. Guy’s brilliant. To be creating high concept stories year after year. That’s just not that easy. I think he’s going down as one of the greatest of his generation.

Dauthasi says:

How can someone dislike this. they must be blind on the left eye and can only see the button on the right… I guess

Welther47 says:

Im beginning to think that all these lessons, lectors, seminars etc. on
writing; is really just streamlining writing as an artform. There is
really only one specific way you are supposed to write now a days,
otherwise it’s just "bad writing"…. Right?

SevenDeMagnus says:

Cool. Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

Melissa Maylath says:

I ❤ Stephen king. I can learn alot from him about writing. I always wanted to be a writer. However sometimes he goes off of tangents, & run on sentences in his stories. I pretty much do that already when I write 😂 lol. I really do have nothing but love & respect for him. & who better to learn from than one of the best writers out there

Boyi Li says:

I like it

Beeblebrox One says:

It’s typical of these days that when he says the dog was going to attack him no one reacted but when he said the dog got hit for attacking him so many people disapprovingly cry out. Libtard retards. See what they think if a dog is attacking them would they disapprove of it being hit then when its teeth were going to be in them??? Oh he just made a point about that, people caring more about dogs than they do about kids.

ZeTaki Z says:

Just finished The Outsider, fracking loved it.

Ken Maloney says:

You just earned a subscription. Thank you for your help.

Natalie Joy says:

I am a huge fan of this guy. I really am going to use these tips with my crappy writing!

Shabuti R18 says:

Before I go to bed is the only time I can write. Too much going on during the day to focus on that.

misstanisharene says:

How does he tell himself his own stories before he goes to bed. I love you man but how are you not wetting the bed with your stories in your head at night

QTee says:

I can only write something exceptional…something jarring and eye opening…something from my experiences and something worth the world’s time… it’s fate.. all of it is…

Gabrielle Fox says:

Thanks for sharing 🤗

A. Foster says:

Wonderful! Thank you for posting.

Quantum Leap says:

He’d look really good with a moustache.

Ray M. K. says:

When a writer got carried away by his characters is something that is often, I guess?

woo man says:

Steven king looks like a Who.

Rennae Michelle says:

I did NOT know he came to UML… WHERE WAS I? loll

J Johnson says:

Advice from Steven King…. write 500 books, at least a few will be good and everyone will pretend your a good writer.

Rona Baq says:

Hes a good storyteller and maybe the one of the best out there

Madcircle Throughell says:

3:25 best Stephen King story ever

B. H. Books & Classics says:

So, King isn’t a fan of journaling, o kay …

Andrew Brookes says:

I understand I’m in the minority, I’ve tried so hard to like kings work, but it’s just disorganised rambling to me. The 3 books I’ve read by him so far lacked structure and were packed with irrelevant passages.

The Dudess says:

very enlightening! and he seems so humble!

BEVDOG says:

He wrote most of his books while on drugs

Ava Nöel says:

Ok but why does this bitch look like a priest at my church

bigboy says:

Liberal jackass

kcaj eyecitpes says:

A good idea stays with you. It’s grit. On writing a great book

Coutine Net says:

Stephen King! An amazing writer. I have been making money writing articles through hopefully I will build my confidence to write a full book!!!

heckin tasty says:

I love King’s works but honestly, I hate reading anything remotely related to sex that he’s written because every time I read something like "her nipples hardened with fear" or "his balls shrunk up into his body" it just reminds me that King is like 60 and just. why.

Terrel .Coleman says:

I don’t agree with his thoughts on keeping a note book. If you’re writing a huge story with a lot of twists and turns, you need to keep track of that stuff. The key is being grown up enough to say, "Okay, that’s not going to work," And cross it out. Besides that, the mans a genius.

Janet Parlato says:

I guess my question is, do you sleep?!

Dr E Stan Miller says:

Extremely interesting & useful KNOWLEDGE. I’m not so interested in Steven’s genre but his approach & practical essential doings are absolutely awesome. JUST GREAT THANKS! My children (& grandkids) have been following all his books for decades…

Boyi Li says:

You should go on

karen hopkins says:

Great talk. Love all of his books.

FrankyTheImmortal says:

See, I would forget about a notebook, except I can’t remember ANY of my ideas if I don’t write down at least a tiny bit about it after I think it.