Citizen BN0190-82E Clone? | Stuhrling Pro Sport Diver 100m Quartz 3950A.1 Unbox & Review

#MAVERICKWATCHREVIEWS#BESTWATCHREVIEWS Hey guys this sure looks like a clone of the latest Citizen Promaster to me. What do you think?

***Correction @2:30 I talked about the power reserve. For a second I must have thought I was talking about an automatic watch. I meant to say the battery life is probably about 2-3 years.

Here it is on Amazon if you want one:

Here’s my review of that Citizen Promaster BN0190-15E:

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squeakD says:

Wow this is one of their better watches! Surprised at the quality…, really shocked at the lume…..

Carson Red says:

Looks like a mix between the citizen and Rolex sea dweller. Looks good $60.00 I might pick this up.

Jojo Cruz says:

Why ISN'T a 100m watch a dive watch? Who made that distinction? Thanks for the review!

Ryan yang says:

when Rolex sub and Citizen had a baby

Justin Pfennig says:

I love how the watch says "original" on it when there is nothing original about it.

george george says:

Another Junk watch…

Nelson C says:

Bought a Stuhrling a few years back when I was starting to buy watches. Really didn't know any better but man it was a piece of junk! It actually was a nice looking watch…a Panerai Luminor homage with design mods that really made it nice looking…but man the minute hand would move and not stay in place if you shook the watch…and the crown was so loose I thought it was gonna fall off.

After that I did BETTER research and got my watch collecting headed in a better direction…i.e Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Orient, Hamilton, Alpina etc….But man after that 1st experience with Stuhrling never again!

If one can afford it go for the Promaster and not the Stuhrling homage. The Citizen is worth the extra cash.

Oh and thanks again for another great review!

Aart van Egmond says:

I really like your reviews, but 40 hours power reserve on a quartz watch? Think you need to eddit this.

Are the end links solid? They look so.

Ray Quintanilla says:

Very nice for the money, but in a way, very much your standard wanna be dive watch. Not really highly special, but still a solid watch for the money.

delubz gamer says:

second hand seems quite aligned at the markers at $60 its pretty impressive.

J Rods says:

I think citizen ripped off stuhrling here.

J Rods says:

Good morning dude!

TinBin - Craig says:

nice watch at that price

alabanzarobert says:

Who would homage a Citizen? Nobody buys a Citizen.