Chuck Yeager breaks The Sound Barrier (from THE RIGHT STUFF)

Chuck Yeager breaks The Sound Barrier (from THE RIGHT STUFF)

On the ground, no one had ever heard a sonic boom before. It rattled the photographs of the pilots who had died facing the demon and it was assumed that Yeager had exploded and there would be another funeral for another forgotten test pilot. It took a few moments for everyone to realize the sound barrier had finally been broken and the space age had arrived for mankind.


Naster Fand says:

this is wrong 1.3 is barrier sound not 1.0

Kyle Northrop says:

Ryan gooslyn has nothing on this movie

Nuetrino Energy says:

These were not girly men nor were they shy from danger! These heroes were men among men. These brave ones stood tall head above shoulders and did not shy away fromย  their mission. I was very fortunate to have as one of my cousins a fighter pilot in Nam. I was granted permission twice to fly in his jet. He took me over twice the speed of sound. He died about 5 years ago. He told me about Groom Lake and Area 52, He didn’t know everything but he did know a lot especially Area 52. I guess beingย  a few weeks from death gives a soldier bravery and a desire to make his confession.

sybilla sybilla says:


daffidavit says:

Waho. I’m number one here. I just broke the sound barrier. That old Mach meter must be broken.

MrShoeguy says:

I hate to be a pest but they would have seen him before they heard the sonic boom.

Sandra Bennett says:

Yeager was never the first to break the sound barrier. On October ,1 1947 North American Aviation test pilot George Welch (the same George Welch who was only one of two pilots to get airborne on December 7, 1941 during the Pearl Harbour raid) put the XP-86 prototype Sabre Jet into a shallow dive and went supersonic. This was confirmed by tracking stations monitoring the flight status and North American employees at the scene on the day. The Air Force suppressed these reports at the time, military personnel and contractors being told to not disclose this event. Speculation is that by broadcasting the news would put an end to the Air Force’s "X" plane research. If a production aircraft can go supersonic, then Congress doesn’t need to supply funds for the any of the experimental aircraft that were being tested. Whatever the case, Yeager went supersonic in level flight. Kudos to his courage for doing so. But he wasn’t the first to go faster than the speed of sound.

Leslie Anderson says:

โ€œThere ya go buddy. Put the spurs to her Chuck!โ€ One of the coolest lines in the film.

Mark Basnight says:

He broke the sound barrier and entered the aurora borealis?

Joseph Astier says:

Thunderbirds are GO!

Lucky Man says:

I cried when I saw that plane hanging in the Smithsonian in D.C.

gk10002000 says:

you know, having been in the air force, an engineer, etc. I always object to the romanticizing they did of Chuck. Don’t get me wrong, He was a hero. He risked his life during war, he gave great service to his country. However, he flew this mission AGAINST the rules. He was injured and was required by rules and regulations to report that. He jeopardized the mission. He took a risk he had no right nor authority to do so. I love the fact he didn’t mind trying it while injured. The man was not a wimp.

Todd Jones says:

I’m confused….Yeager in the X1 and Jack Ridley in the B-29 mother ship, are communicating with each other, wearing A-14 oxygen masks, but there isn’t a microphone cord protruding from either of the masks, from the "nipple" on the round part of the mask that accommodates the microphone from inside. After exceeding the speed of sound at around 43,000 ft. Yeager cut the XLR-11 engine and pulled up to 45,000 ft., where he performed a 1g stall, but the altimeter shows the plane coasting up to around 28,000 ft. Oh well, just nit-picking! It was a good movie. I was lucky to be a 5th grader when John Glenn was launched in the semi-inflatable Atlas. I read all about it in "The Stars and Stripes" while living in Spain. I lived near the cape and watched the Apollo Moon Mission go in ’69, the year I started junior college (what they were called then). I’ve always loved the history of aviation and the space program. It all sort of died away when the Shuttle was discontinued and I couldn’t fly planes any longer due to this condition and that condition….ho hum….C’est la vie

Luke Schnitzler says:

Put the spurs to her chuck!

millieo says:

That’s a brave man.

Hayden Philbert says:

These were men, that was the days when politicians didn’t get involved in military affairs, when airmen got drunk after flying an got laid because women loved them,these was the days when the president was "commander in chief " these were the days when America was on top and everyone respected us.what happened?

NaughtyVampireGod says:

Is that a man?

Moe Greene says:

Buck danny!

Liberty Never Sleeps says:

To do what others have said cannot be done– the true test of manhood.

Leslie Anderson says:

"There ya go buddy. Put the spurs to her Chuck!" One of the best testosterone laden lines ever put on film.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Greg Menego says:

The Me 262 broke the sound barrie in a dive in 1945 already. The proof is there. They just did not realise it.
U can c the ripple effect on the skin of some 262’s fuselage that can only b because of sonic booms.

Big Reptile says:

Built with stolen British engineering

Stealth Spider says:

My mum knew him ๐Ÿ™‚

terry waller says:

The civilian pilot that wanted more money probably spent the rest of his life kicking his own a$$!

Nugglashine says:

"You did it, Fox!"

Robert Hendrickson says:

Chuck Yeager, all American. He’s the spirit of America, go fast and keep gettin up.

Chill Mix says:

Great book too.

DrymouthCWW says:

Its a great day for flying chuck. A great day

375GTB says:

Slick Goodlin crapped out…

Wanted $50,000

Chuck did it on his flight pay..

$200 per mo.

Freddy Marcel-Marcum says:

When white men work together…

SLY SPY says:

To go into the unknown is truly amazing , just imagine yourself in the cockpit

Thomas Bรถgel says:

I never understood why they insisted on putting straight wings on the X1. They had all the data from Germany and the British on swept designs but ignored it. They copied the engine and they copied the flying tail, but not the wings – why?

Bryan Huizar says:

I wonder how we figured out what point the sound barrier would be broken at.

Roughrider 6 says:

I am almost positive he was way too high to be in the clouds. But still a good movie.

Mr. Nibble Nips says:

Did he see the demon?

carborundable says:

I was fortunate enough to have two patients years back who both personally worked with Chuck Yeager. One was an engineer who worked on the X-1 who stated in his opinion Chuck Yeager would have been the Albert Einstein of engineering if he had gotten a degree in engineering field. Yeager would happen upon them at work perplexed or stymied by some problem. He would ask focused questions, mull over the problem, then announce a recommendation that was usually proved to be correct.
The other patient was a pilot who flew with Yeager in war, and stated Yeagerโ€™s eyesight was so keen, like 20/05 instead of 20/20, that he would routinely spot enemy planes 20-25 minutes or thereabouts before anyone else did.

Miguel Quifes says:

1:25 Me when my instructor stepped out of the C172 and sent me solo. โ€œFatass instructor out of the cockpit, elevator effectiveness regainedโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Taylor Ahern says:


Renshen1957 says:

And he this with a broken rib! George Welch had already broken the speed of sound in a diver with an F-86, but was kept secret.

J Shepard says:

"Hey, Ridley! You got any Beemans?"
"I might have me a stick."
"Loan me some. I’ll pay you back later."
"Fair enough"

TralfazConstruction says:

When I think of this film I immediately think of Levon Helm’s opening narration and the phrase, in his voice, "the Sound Barrier".

Carolus Magnus says:

Origins of jets :
French : The first jet engine of history of Renรฉ Lorin (1913) and Ramjet of Leduc.
German : Pulse jet and rocket engine.

anthony golphin says:

me too

TRIB LIV says:

Very brave man.Back in the day when men risked their life to prove something could be done. He achieved this with fractured ribs.

lordmick roach says:

Yeager wasand is a nasty piece of shit! Racistbut a gobshote also. During WW2, he claimed two enemy aircraft destroyed because they had collided, he had nothing to do with it but his claim was upheld, what a chancer. The Bell platform was a stolen design of the Miles Aircraft comany, England and yet, Yeager has been a shit all his life. How different from a real pilot, Bob Hoover!

fairfax blaster says:

Steve Austin, a man barely alive…..we can rebuild him, gentlemen…..

Plen122 says:

The movie didn’t expand on Ridley’s character much, but in reality he was hugely involved in engineering and was looked up to by many. Some may see him as just a good ol boy "aw shucks" but I’ve heard he was brilliant.

Timbrock1000 says:

ONE OF THE GREATEST ACHIEVMENTS IN AVIATION HISTORY! Back when America was in the lead of technical and scientific achievements, leading the world, and blazing new paths for the rest of the world!
How sad it is we’ve lost our edge and are trailing far behind 3rd place!

Tony Williams says:

Amazing he was able to break the sound barrier lugging those giant balls w/him.