Chris Watts Debunk 1 – Surveillance Scam

Chris Watts Debunk 1 – Surveillance Scam

Unfortunately the madness is underway in the Chris Watts case. We now have the rodeo clowns claiming ghosts and things that just aren’t there. Get over it.

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therealsongstress says:

The reason why she caught so many viewers is because other somewhat credible YouTube channel sent their followers to watch her info…… honestly I was not convince of what she was saying I couldn’t really see what she was saying and plus she was crying at the same time so I thought it was a gimmick right away

Em Dee says:

CW coworker said that he noticed he wasn’t wearing his new boots that that he had been wearing lately. He said also his pants were tucked in his work boots as well and that he wasn’t as neatly dressed as he usually is.

Al Bundy says:

Hahaha you are funny, and good stuff man. I’m going to subscribe

Sharon says:

Of all the crazies crawling out of the woodwork, this one is just plain stupid.

Michael Alan says:

He would actually carry a dead body outside in the early hours. lol

Juanita Richards says:

Watts father is not that tall and lanky…..he’s shorter, thick set and paunchy.

Brek Mar says:

Here’s one for you. The figure in the boots looks like a woman with long dark hair.

Hessy Kat says:

What is up with youtube all of a sudden becoming like a detective movie for crimes. Same as in the Kenneka Jenkins supposed murder from freezing in a freezer at a hotel after a party. Ive never known the police and detectives to suddenly use social media. Things seem like a made for tv production. I find it so bizarre. Its almost like these people are actors in a B rated movie.

therealsongstress says:

Thank you …..I went with my gut

Sue Dumas says:

I thought it was garbage right off the bat . Treading on dangerous ground claiming his father was there Yikes !

KimberlyElizabeth 83 says:

The crazy lady aka Ksmallz finally took her video down. It’s because she got called out for her ridiculous video that she posted! The things people post for views! So sad!! Shame on her!!!

SasenCo says:


Gray Hughes Investigates says:

SHARE THIS VIDEO PLEASE – stop the maddness

Daro S says:

This was awesome, I missed those debunking days🤭. Thanks Gray!!!

Trish Baum says:

C.W. obviously carried them all out to truck, so I feel your way overdramatizing her video. its like your on a quest to prove her wrong. so she slowed down the frame she probably made it bigger blurring it and you can clearly see what shes seeing and showing you. it does look like lil feet. She did what she did and posted it. I dont believe any youtuber showing their face would want to throw their blog page under the bus. she who is also young got excited because she felt there had to be something on the video. and when your looking you slow it down and make it bigger which also blurs it. it doesn’t change the fact that he actually did carry them out and his parents were not nice to shanann and her girls. after how they have treated her and those babies and raised this monster nothing would suprise me about C.W. and his family . so calmly explain to ksmallz what you feel and your knowledge of the video without overdramatizing it. if you feel she did you can stop it by not going back all dramatic. were all in shock that this guy could go so low.

Hurley Girl says:

Thank you, Gray, for debunking, yet another video/theory that’s bringing out the rodeo clowns. I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to be dealing with the same type of craziness that we dealt with in the Kenneka case. I wonder who they’ll say you’re working for now? You must be busy, considering you already work for Rosemont and the police. Lol (Kidding, people. He knows what I’m talking about) Bring on the debunking! Have a good night, Gray and everyone! Stay safe and alert! 💛

tedjoseve says:

Most boring criminal video. Shows nothing of what he did other than load some stuff and drive off. I wonder if they have other videos showing more. I’m sure their other neighbors have cameras on their houses.

Dora K says:

That’s what I commented on her video that that is Chris Watts with white shoes then he changes the shoes to boots obviously to go out to the field.

Coll 44 says:

Totally is she said soemtbing about it being his dad cause of white sneakers lol but not because his dad has a belly

*Crystal* Nicole says:

He sounds like a man at the Carnival trying to get you to play the damn games and waste your money lol

Niomi Nickel says:

The video I saw it looked like he was carrying a shovel. Good thing I saw this.

Cheryl Stough says:

Great video! He changed his shoes to boots. He was about to go to the oil field and knew it would be messy….

LorraineCecile Benoit says:

She blocked me after I told her she was full of shot

Lynette Patrice says:

Hi Gray. I recognize you from the "KJ" community, I appreciate you doing this video. I saw her video earlier and clicked off, because it was so ridiculous!. Along with the fact that I can see its not his father, we also know his father flew into town the day of his interrogation, I think. Definitely not the morning of the murders. The manipulated, blurry images reminded me alot of the early KJ days, of blurry images and shadows😉😁

Frances Henry says:


XxlisaxX says:

Anyone with a brain knows that video is as you state!
1: as if he load bodies in full view and in daylight without them being covered up!

2: Chris Watts dad flew in from North Carolina to go police station with him.

3: I’m sure police checked where he was and that he was flying from home etc.

4: in private, in that police room they were left alone and he confessed to his Dad. Why would he do that if Dad already knew and was there!

What a nut job! I haven’t seen their video claiming all this but I’d rather not watch cos it’s obviously rubbish! 🤬

Lynette Patrice says:

Omg I thought the same thing!!!🤣 so he drove further into the open to casually toss his daughter in the truck, not bothering to conceal it?? Like you said, he’s not a smart killer, but he’s not that dumb!!! Lol!

Callie Walker says:

I saw her video last night. I commented suggesting she take it down because of all the false info and then noticed today she disabled the comments. She’s not very intelligent taking a risk like that by making claims Chris’s father was involved. She ‘ll end up sued. Maybe that’s what she needs.

Jessica Elizabeth says:

My go to guy for the TRUTH. Thanks Gray!

Alicia Claire says:

Her channel should be shutdown for purposely posting click-bait that is slanderous. Thank you for setting the record straight!

slimbo denero says:

They gonna pass is ass around like like a bottle of vodka in prison.

wilhelm arment says:


Elim Garak says:

Great job Gray, thank you!🤗

KimberlyElizabeth 83 says:

What a whack job! She needs to be shut down!!

Carri's 3RingCircus says:

This is the kind of crap that made me CRAZY a with all the Kenika Jenkins videos in that hotel 😩
*Oh, you just said that* 😂

NYC Urbanista says:

Great Video!! Thx for sharing

Audra Blankenship says:


rachael wyld stacey says:

Those actually look like darker colored boots, probably his work boots since he’s heading out to a place where white shoes might get a little too muddy. If he had to wear steel toed boots (required by OSHA on some jobs), if he happened to run into a coworker by chance, he would have to explain why he’s wearing anything but steel toed boots.
Whomever thought his dad was in the video is either delusional or took too much acid. Lol

Alice Corey says:

The father is a much bigger man than the son. That alone should be enough for any sane person to figure out.

Edit : when/ how do you think he did load the bodies without anyone seeing him?

nuCLeAIRE Creations says:

People, please stay away from the
Magic👻Mushrooms… 😌 😁

Jan A Fan says:

I thought I was such an idiot because I could not see what everyone else was seeing.
Thanks Gray!!!!

KSmallz says:

Hey Hughes,You first say something that is not true then try to give me the benefit of a doubt? I NEVER claimed to ever be an expert on videos or editing. I seen what I seen and if I am wrong, I WILL RETRACT. I sent the info over to the correct authorities because I do think there is something there. We all want the truth. The point that Chris pointed out when exactly his father was coming in and knew exactly what times and made sure to tell the police that made me suspicious along with as soon as his father was interviewed, he started bashing Shannann off the bat! His granddaughters were missing!!! How are we to know he was NOT there? Is there ANY documetation on his dad’s whereabouts from the 12th-15th? I am very upset at the way you conducted this scenerio. I appreciate your input and yes am a very open minded person. I try to be a good follower of Christ Jesus. I do not have never ever intentionally tired to trick anyone and I think you owe me an apology. I will take the video down for the simple fact is I guess no one else but YOU can do research and show it on this platform and I guess you are Always 100% right? We are all human and make mistakes. I hope I am wrong! But all I can say is something told me to keep watching it and I did get other’s opinions, some who are very familiar with photoshop. They agreed with me. So I will put it in God’s hands and the PD’s hands and leave it at that. i do appreciate your work, Thank you for pretty much calling me a liar and and a manipulator, which I am very much upset and would never hurt anyone. You shoudl have come to me in private as the bible says to. Oh and NO, I will not be going on and on on the same type of videos because that is not hwo I think or work unlike some or most of yu that like to assume things. I am only about getting down to the truth. He pulled up tot he bush more than once to try and hide the truck in the view of the neighbors. Have a good night.

Ruth Klipp says:

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." ~ Buddha Thanks, Gray, for being all about the truth!

Jim Nething says:

lol love your debunking videos, Gray!

Jim Nething says:

video shared!

Deja Chhun says:

Please do more on this case. I’ve followed u since the KJ case last year. I love ur channel! I saw the "k smallz" video.

Sue Dumas says:

The baby carrying was so retarded lol

Gwen T says:

Awesome gray!!!! Thank you

Sue Dumas says:

I do honestly believe though she thought what she saw was real in her defence, but I knew it wasn’t real.

Tony S says:

Great work. Fantastic video