Childish Gambino – “This Is America” PARODY

“This Is America”


Bart Baker says:

"This Is America"

J says:

LOL, this shit is funny af.

ZacIsBestBacon Vlogs And Gaming says:

0:29 when it's friday

Llama Queen says:


vass montango says:

It would be a white parody 😤😂😂😂


Hey liberals you know what to do… SUCK IT !!

TEEN FURY13 says:



Wow so this is a mental breakdown is

psychoaiko666 says:

Typical Dutch humor…
Yeah, we're kinda fucked up in the brain.

Bita Salehi says:

I wish you didn’t do this video beacuase it has alot of meaning inside of it (even tho there was just an little clip)

Dorean I-Yusuf says:

Some songs just don’t need to be parodied.

breezyy.gigiii says:

This channel is dying..

Jesus Lmao says:

This is America is about taking down racism. You just made a terrible mistake

Jesus Lmao says:

this parody messed up

Fade Random says:

This is a wall

Wall for mexicans

Chrystal Shamiso says:

1.18 is not a video…

April Chase says:

This aint even a song

Batinator 28 says:

I feel like you don't like any songs at all

TravisGTAGamer says:

First Oldje content in YouTube

Andre Roncancio says:

Dunkey did it better