Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Music Video)

Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Music Video)

“This is America” by Childish Gambino
Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
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Taco Lover says:

When people think Thank You Next is the best music video of the year 🤦🏻‍♀️

TheSierrawoman says:

Very Disturbing video…and even more disturbing is over 440 million views!

Patrick Star says:


*This is Pakistan*

Kidd Vicious says:

America left the chat

China has joined the chat

mayarn love47 says:

America my America gun shots, killers and more

Unoriginal ? says:

im slippin d00d

Keon Middlebrook says:

I know he on something

Tyco says:

1:56 When you lock onto NPCs in GTA 5

Roselyn Marie says:

3:22 IT’S SZA 💕🌸

Search up TWICE On YouTube says:

This is not America.

saurabh sutar says:

This is America.. where people uses their freedom, rights and resources against their own country.

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Gabriella Funk says:


SEAN_HTX_12 says:

This is the better version of YouTube rewind

Jackson B says:

I remember when this video just came out, only had 6,000 views, damn it blew up

I have no legs but I must Dance says:

*holy crap this is depressing when you look at the hidden meanings* 😨😱

Wayne Miller says:

Why the violence? Why the killing? Why the shooting? Why the guns? This is what makes stereotypes.

ban , says:

Bra please lose the beard

BYT_EdGe says:

Anyone subscribe to me gonna post fortnite stuff!!

Hawika Ke says:

The end may have been America running away from its problems.

Влад Алешкин says:


Miguel. Marin says:

This is America

Estefany Marques says:

Uaaaaauuu triste de mais e incrível a genialidade do clip

Brownx 11 says:

RIP ✌😢

Ayy Barc says:

Where the confused white people at ayyyyyy??

Hailey Stewart says:

So it’s about how black people go though things

Btw all black people act like this lol

He looks like he’s having a Seager

Aledrian kemp says:

We have become desensitized and dehumanized as Americans.. When will we wake up and become aware of the artificial influence… I will wait…

Alfie Lazarus says:


Chad Palmer says:

*This is America* 😪

Boom says:

this is almost as good as a Kubrick movie!

Не Скажу says:

YouTube rewind

Rigzey says:


Dylan Smith says:

A lot of people think he is dancing like that to distract you from the back ground. If you’re not familiar with the Jim Crow laws and what a golliwog is, do a little research on google. The dancing he does is how African Americans were stereotyped as in this time period. Foolish, some what clown like.

JYmeister HD says:

This has more likes then he has subs

GeRal says:

Русские есть???

Search up TWICE On YouTube says:

This is racist everyone is portrayed as Black, this is no better than all the whites protesting themselves as all white.

C W says:


Tasha Santiago says:

all i can see now is him dancing to all i want for christmas is you




And here i am sitting, trying to analyize what i just watched!

Lucianober says:

So basically since youtubers in rewind had liberty of choosing what to put in rewind…then why didnt they put this beautiful message of 🇺🇸. They hidding something?….ik because they stole my SANDWICHES.

BigPimpin says:

Lol they made my school into a song

У Марка says:


patricio jara says:

Lastima que esto no estuvo en youtube rewind

T-aius says:

god gay

Kevin Suarez herbas says:

100% American Life

Riften Guard says:

His hair is the only thing tripping

Kona Ice says:

I was watching this and I got the worst cramp ever in my cav

ma.cristina rose valdez says:

0:51 when your classmate crack your joke

Clsrntlspdy Clsrntlspdy says:

I love america gay

Dakota Savage says:

Half a Million Hicks Disliked this video