Checking Device Manager for Com Ports

Checking Device Manager for Com Ports

Checking your device manager for com ports.


qqaaq112 says:

i have problem,why connect usb p.i.c,not display device maneger.

swap0 says:

when you say serial to usb adapter, which side it going into the PC? USB or Serial?

shilpesh nitnaware says:

Hey Sue, Do you know if I use any USB HUB and connect USB (i.e USB to Micro USB cable which is connected to a modem’s console for collecting logs) will it be displayed in Ports as COM ?

shivani raval says:

Not working

NORFIE123456 says:

i dont have ”ports” show up on my device manager, my PC is windows 10, is there anything i can do to show these COM assigns?

duong nguyen says:

Are there no guides so my brothers can not understand english. thanks a lot!

qqaaq112 says:

i use window 7 home premium

rahul naik says:

open device manager

click on action

add legacy hardware

click on next

search for and install the hardware automatically(Recommended)


it will detect that com port and next

double click com port


next and finish

now you will be able to see that com port… 🙂

José Luis Blues says:

Very useful. Thanks

mobile3l says:

Cant open comm -8 on windows 10… win firewall isn’t the problem