Cheap eBay watch box! – FULL REVIEW – I Review Crap!

One of the cheapest Chinese watch box you can find on eBay! But is this watchbox suitable for storing anything? It will hold small watches like some Seiko, Timex, and Casios (particularly vintage ones), but it won’t hold big pilot, diver’s watches, or anything made by Invicta or Diesel. But hey, it was less than $20!


chip tmcc says:

Most every watch box, regardless of cost has insufficient spacing for oversized watches. Cut off the white "string" and you are good to go. Past that don't worry too much, it's just storage, not luggage.

Leonardo Luque says:

(looks around) …How did I get here?

Kilak says:

1:59 I was about to not only stop watching the video but throw away my laptop and set it on fire

farfan tulio says:

I like ur reviews๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

Patrick Van Reusel says:

Great and funny video

Brian Hinder says:

Appreciate the accurate and honest review … I own four of them since I'd rather spend money on watches rather than storage.

Fat Boab says:

not seen those king Edward cigars for years. we used to have stacks of them in the house when I was wee. my dad blagged them from somewhere. he doesn't and never has smoked so god knows why? put your watches back in the cigar box anyway, it's way cooler than that parcel of s*#t!!!