Carrie Fisher Funny Moments During Star Wars Interviews

Carrie Fisher Funny Moments During Star Wars Interviews

This video is a compilation of funny moments involving Carrie Fisher during interviews that focused on Star Wars.

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Kevie Babie says:

I miss her so much!

MegaJames says:

love you Carrie

Stephanie H. says:

Princes leia, YES?

lockhartist says:

I miss you so much, Carrie.
Your intelligence, self-irony, creativity and truthfulness was sublime. There is no one like you. Auf Wiedersehen.

Brad Epperly says:

I miss you Carrie

MegaJames says:

u where awsome

Jordan Patriarca says:

I wish she was still here.


Lol LMAO 😂

bring it on says:

Wow. What a spirit. Carrie, wherever you are, I hope you found peace of mind. We love you <3

Angus Scrimm says:

She seemed high as fuck on government drugs for past 3 years up to her OD death.
Sad… she seemed like a real person who was born and trapped in the “ HollyWeird” life. and recreationally self medicated with booze and drugs til bouts of depression and anger set in. Only til her last years she maybe came to grips and accepted her life. Came full circle with her autobiography and return to limelight.

lisas44 says:


HighAunt says:

when i look at her all i remember is her saying “all i want to do is please you griffin” in family guy XD

Hulkerine100 says:

RIP Carrie Fisher
I know she had Bipolar Disorder but she really made me laugh.

Christine Rego says:

At 24.27…. lol I can’t stop laughing, her humor is so great!

yh98 says:


Melissa Rose says:

Love and miss her so much.

Nolan Winter says:

Witty, sweet, brave and cute! Loved Miss Fisher

Marie Hoareau says:

Very nice video ! She really was something !