BUYiNG MY FiRST CAR?!? / Aud Vlogs

Since I will be heading off to college for my freshmen year at BYU, I thought it was time to buy my first car! Car shopping took us a long time but we wanted to make sure that we looked at a lot of options and made sure that we picked the right one! After buying my car, I give you guys a car tour and show you whats in my car! What should I name my brand new Honda CRV?

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Aud Vlogs says:

Thanks for watching today's video! What should I name my car? By the way, check out my super funny video I posted yesterday on AllAroundAudrey where I tested out $5 rock kits?!

SKye Galloway says:

Zhou should name the car Audrey junior

Sarah Budge says:

I hope that you did well in collage (:

Gaudio -E says:

You have two channels wow

livvy channel. says:

Well done on your new car I love it so much good choice.

livvy channel. says:

Name the car Pearl

Ella Gelowitz says:

NAME IT SIMON!!!!! 🙂 just a suggestion lol

Ella Gelowitz says:

I love you so much audrey i cant believe you're going into college!!!!!!

Ella Gelowitz says:

the name for the car if its a girl should be sabrina or if its a boy name him simon

Ernesto Anaya says:

I think you should name your car baymax

Ellen YT says:


Caitlin Walker says:

name your car Flash

Derwin Jerao says:

I named in my car like that is princeford

Therese Escoto says:

I woula say shiny white

Derwin Jerao says:

I have a car like that

Sara Panther says:

Name the car snow like and comment
If you agree??❄️

Silja Lees says:

Congratulations on your new car!!!

The llerena sis Forever says:

You should call it marshmallow

Unique and Fun♥️ says:

Congrats Audrey!!! Also I think it should be named Crystal

Tamiiah Leary says:

Go girl in your new car. Get it gril in your new car. You love you new car.?

Avery Powell says:

Pural or cristayal

iffahz tae says:

Snow pigs feet girl like if u agree

Vlogs by Mia says:

so happy for you audrey! congrats!

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