Buy a Video Card Without Getting SCREWED

Buy a Video Card Without Getting SCREWED

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In these dark times, the mines are depleting our GPU resources. How can you still get performance without paying the mining tax?

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Mark says:

Bet gpu prices are due to mining, but that’s getting old now so prices are dropping

Christopher Mendonca says:


The goat Pear says:


Despiser Despised says:

I wonder if Linus’s wife knows he’s gay yet?

Scarywesley4 says:

I never paid attention to GPU prices (upgraded before crypto boom) and just bought a Vega 64 for $300. I didn’t know it was $1,000 at one point. Holy shit!

DMX Lasxhxdivids says:

Six months after this video came out many of the mid-range graphics cards such as the RX 580 and 1060 Ti have significantly dropped in price, but many of the upper end cards are still over MSRP by a good margin.

vh9network says:

Almost looking like a G with that cap on.

jay wilbur says:

How about doing a Giveaway or drawing or something for all the old dusty unused video cards that you guys no longer need/want or use? That would be beyond cool

Sheriff MayorTV says:

Linus I just bought a GTX 650 in late 2018…

Mario Battistotti says:

in the thumbnail photo, you look like a pro player who just lost the final game

Shiva ? says:

Bro if u have any old gpu plzz donate me bro please bro
My email::

Mark Anthony says:

wait a minute, the 980ti has a hdmi 2.0, maxwell was able to support 4k 60, wether it could play at that is a whole different story

Eric Swansboro says:

Anyone else Soley focusing on the fucken Titan just chilling in the rain?

Alan Ruiz says:

I am thinking of buying this graphic card I heard its one of the best at the moment.

Douglas Waugh says:

So WHO is ripping you off ?
Manufacturers ? Retailers ? Wholesalers ?
Those pieces of electronics junk are worth 1/20th the price.

Electrohead says:

Woot Linus is Canadian 🇨🇦 !

l crowley says:

yuk time

Patrick Hector says:

Managed to get my hands on a used 780Ti for $80… aud. Needed a bloody good clean, and the mounts for the fans are a little rusty, but besides that I haven’t had a problem with it yet 😀

Christian Lee says:

When the RX series came out, I just bought someones 1070ti used. I had the guy run thermal and performance tests, and it worked like it was new. Spent half as much as a new model.

Chin Foh Hee says:

U cant

Dana Farland says:

eBay is where its at to find all the good deals. Just bought a Gigabyte AORUS XTREME GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Rev 2.0 for $150. Brand new i5 7600k for $200

Anthony Ashley Cooper says:

tell me how to up my bullshit detector level to 11 senpai. i need some used cardds


Watching this video just cuz I love Linus because I don’t have money to buy GPU 😂

Richard Benoit says:

Thanks for the post.

Μαύρη ψυχή says:

1:51 was that dennis? xd

indyjons321 says:

Had to buy a used 1080 Ti.

depressed says:

pls send shit pc fren

Tactical Derpy says:

I bought a car and fixed everything for LESS than it cost to build my newest pc 4 months ago

homegrowntwinkie says:

You Should Send Me A GPU, As I’ve never had one, and wish to build a Gaming PC. :'( I’m so jealous of how many you have.

Billy Tiphareth says:

I love how he has just a bunch of GPUs sitting on a shelf, and here I am with my 7700 GHz Edition trying to find something decent to upgrade to, lmaooo.

bkingk8 says:

In a couple of years there will be a massive glut in the market for second hand gpu’s

Joseph Lagunas says:

Hello guys . My name is joe I’m doing a project right now that I was wondering fokr you could help in any way. The project is building a gaming pc with all donated parts. So far I have a donated case amd fx8120 990fx mother board and a 850watt power supple . All I’m missing if a graphics card and ram . I was wondering if you had any old or spare graphics cards that you can donate to my projects. Even ram would be helpful .

II Reform II says:

I have decent specs on all my components apart from graphics. I use interstates graphics and I can only play fortnite on low and gta v on low.

The spy Mawsta says:

Canadian ruble ? The Russians are here!!!!

Emanuel Marinescu says:

donte some gpu’s to poor romanian gamers that we cnat afford a gameing gpu:(((dam miners!!!!!!

Jamie Owns says:

What is playready DRM? Not sure what it is but I don’t like the sound of it.

ULT1M4T3G4M3R says:

This video aged like fine wine, since bitcoin is only $3000 and dropping

Akalanka Jayananda says:

Can you send me a gpu from your garbage😂😂😂

ivan villa says:

You should of bought that titan card, that guy looked trustworthy

MrAllyG says:

Wierd flex but ok

Yoski Broski says:

I have a gt 730 ….. that’s what I have to say about your gpu shelf lol

Richard says:

Don’t need to buy gpu if you build a gpu yourself

vLAD Sartini says:

"Well… No shit" thanks for that, lmao.

Colin Taylor says:

Should I get a new 1060 from 1050 or should I get another 1050off sli?

Shane Loranger says:

The NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB Passive GPU in 27,000 bucks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?


You should look at AMD Radeon 7570. It’s actually really good and it’s $20. It can do CS:GO at 1080p30.

usethisonelol says:

What’s a ruble?

Andy T says:

Sadly GTx 1080ti is back up in cost

Bekee x says:

True I bought a 780ti cheaper then a 1060 6gb

syarifah hanyna says:

Just use console for gaming? It’s cheaper and easier… *I’ll throw myself over the building*