Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay

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Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay.

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Watch Repair Channel says:

Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay

Velvet Arts Studio says:

Thank you for including the ebay videos. It helped me look for the part!

Shelly Young says:

Hi was following your video and when I pressed the second hand in place, the movement stopped working – do you know what could have gone wrong and how do I fix it please – thanks

Michael A. Braun says:

just looking into trying to make one myself. your video was extremely well done and clear. it answered a bunch of questions i had. thank you.

Ricky Blunt says:

Nice Video ?

Autism Science says:

This is all very well but I want a quartz movement.

John Wick says:

Does anyone know who/where you can make a custom dial?

yoad simon says:

Can u recommend a cheaper movement? What is the best Chinese replica?

Some Aussie Guy says:

Dude you need some sleep!

Robert Gift says:

How fun! How much life wasted finding compatible parts?

Wife and I want a 40-inch wall clock.
All wood gears visible would be perfect.

muffemod says:

Chinese made crap.

Matthew Franks says:

Parnis is ASS

Daa On says:

Is this applicable to building a skeleton watch?

Skillfully Executed says:

This is amazing. I have dreamed about watchmaking since i was a child, i still dream about about watches most nights. I have made 4 watches myself using traditional techniques that i have put more than 1200 hours in to. There is something very special about how they work. I wish i had found a video like this long ago, before i started this hobby of mine, Im sure i would have saved a lot of time and effort. Big thumbs up!

designer2k2 says:

This Video is just great! Thanks alot!

Konsta Haavisto says:

That looks awesome!

Jack Kang says:

would this be water resistant in any way? I assume the answer is no… It looks super fun though!

MakerModder says:

I think I am going to 3d print a case and laser a face… this should be fun. Though I am weary of a clone / fake having dealt with a lot of cheap Chinese watches. Hmm a 20 dollar movement or a 400 dollar one >.<

Kenneth Tay says:

My custom watch is a Casio alarm clock strapped to my wrist with a rubber band

IllisMoreo 87 says:

Meanwhile, me living with a pair of unstable hands for 30 years have no chance to do such things as this & any other delicate creative stuff. If not I've already thrived & sell/gift stuff made by my own hands.

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