Buffalo Trace Product Reviews

A review of six different Buffalo Trace Products! Tasting notes for each one! Enjoy!

This video represents a personal opinion only. This video is an independent review and is not selling or linking to a site that sells the product being reviewed. Do not consume alcohol in the United States if you are under the age of 21.


SideShow Bob says:

Looking forward to your next bad day at work. Nah, jk. Nice review.. That Blanton's is impossible to find anywhere around the Midwest for $50. Found it in New York for $100, and the barrel proof for $160.

Roy Zeagler says:

Hey Dave! I just wanted to say your reviews are great man. I browsed the comments very briefly, and didn't see one that mentioned the fact that you knocked those shots down like a champ lol.

Matt Mercado says:

Great review, I want to try the Buffalo Trace. Eagle Rare is very good as well.

Kale Austin says:

Would you use Blantons in cocktails or is it just for drinking by itself?

SkyMonk89 says:

Currently watching and I just bought Elijah Craig and trying for first time, so far I've only had Jim beam, JD Tenn, JD Rye, Tin Cup, & Bullit

B Lam says:

Really like the buffalo trace brands. Can get everything but the wellers every time i ask the guys laugh at me and say good luck with getting that. Maybe it's because i live up in the north east i don't know. If i do find any i will get a few bottles.

Aaron Anderson says:

Hey great video and review. The only thing I’d like to suggest is to invest in some good lighting. It appears very dark.

Obey The Law says:

Weller is sold out fast here in California

Matoski says:

Man, i paid 60$ for Eagle Rare in Rome. But it's worth every dime.

Uber X Confessions says:

Can't believe you scored Eagle Rare higher than BT?

Dave Reid says:

I can't find the Weller Antique anywhere and I really want to try it.  I've tried all but the two Wellers you reviewed.  Still searching for the Taylor 4 grain too.

Cig Smoker says:

Buffalo Trace has almost the exact same flavor profile as Blanton's, notwithstanding variations between bottles of Blanton's. The BT is just very muted and not nearly as rich and buttery by comparison but well worth the coin if you like Blanton's and want to save some scratch.
Blanton's > Buffalo Trace but I still drink BT.

amlite says:

missing elija craig for comparison (also bt product)

Yessenia Minton says:

Blantons Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace in that order… Colonel Taylor is gross and so are wheat bourbons