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British Thriller – Full Movie – 1960

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Larry Nelson says:

What a great movie, one of the best I've ever seen, thank you.

Santito Felipe says:

They Don't make 'em like they used-ta.

Steve Davis says:

Great movie, a new one to me. Thanks for posting.

deezynar says:

Crumby movie about a bunch of wicked people trying to hurt each other.

mathew green says:

Excellent movie, thanks for posting. It’s interesting to see John Gregson in such a role as he usually plays amiable types.

Ian Rivlin says:

Superb quality cinematography. Does anyone have any technical details about the film and processing? When B&W is this good, it's better than color.

James anonymous says:

this movie is not a mystery, it ended in the very beginning !

Gail Greenberg says:

Great movie!

Abuyahya Sulaiman says:

Indeed as Larry Nelson said " What a great movie".

nigel hajjar says:


Evelyn Pendall says:

WTF the the Cat out like trash just like that!?! Don't like this movie byeeeee

Suresh Vedwal says:

Damn Good suspense thriller. One of best I have watched in my life. Thanks for the upload with such a good print and voice quality.

Charlotte Radford says:

Stunning little gem of a movie.  Thank you for posting.

David Simons says:

Terrible acting by the 'blind' man.

Dubjax 26 says:

This movie was pirated from my channel

Regards, Dubjax.

Devon Rempel says:

Great movie

Science-is-Truth says:

This is just about the WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN.
The story is CRAP.
Strange that it has a good cast, what Were those good actors doing in such a TERRIBLE MOVIE?

Peg Kilday says:

Another great film. Thank you. I haven't watched a good film in years! This was a corker. Hell of a twist xxx

Phillip Pacheco says:

A smashing picture, one of the best UK pics from the 60s. Cool! Crazy!

Sepgorut says:

Great film. Thanks for the upload.

Manaj Banerjee says:

A good portrayal of a schizophrenic character.

wayne says:

Most enjoyable movie. Thanks for uploading.

Russell Grenning says:

A marvellous little gem of a movie..typically understated and classic British

Wilma Washington says:

Great movie!

Das Piper says:

I enjoy British Mysteries. Actually, I enjoy all old British b & w films.

Abc Def says:

FACES IN THE DARK is a 1960 British thriller film directed by David Eady and starring John Gregson, Mai Zetterling and John Ireland.The film is based on the 1952 novel Les Visages de l'ombre by Boileau-Narcejac.

William Cornman says:

Say there O'l chap, love these limey flick's.

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