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Yeah… these are real.

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Tampon Flask: #PaidAffilate

9000 Ladybugs: #PaidAffilate

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Lesly Marie says:

I would fucking die

Galaxy Girl says:

Those flask things could be used for smuggling drugs probably

Kʀʏᴘ2Nɪɢʜᴛ says:

Why is Pat and Emily gone in new videos?

Ron Chon says:

omg omg omg ogm omg omg i want one omg omg omg

parikshith ram says:

So what else does amazon sells? Like 20000 bed bugs and so on??😂LMAO

Pippin Hart says:

Hhhh the lady bugs made me itchy

gmans go karts and more skates says:

It leaked cause that was carbonated pop

shastapurpledaisy says:

I started watching this to see if it was another dig at buzzfeed again

Erthan says:

I feel like the tampon flask didn't get a fair shake as you used a carbonated beverage which would have caused a pressure build up which popped the lid off.

Wildlife Spirit says:


Linxin Animations, and Games says:

I didn't know ladybugs made spaghetti

Alyssa McLeod says:

of course the tampon thing didnt seal properly, you put coke in a container and then shook it?

EthanOnTheBeat says:

1:21 that's what they used for the don't eat the tide pods CEO episode.

SAL Animating says:

the coke or whatever is carbonated.
the bubbles would be popping off the lid perchance?

Crystal Cut says:

Bish got luck for days

India Siecke says:

For a minute they tried to be Buzzfeed

SaltyLad says:


Angel Corpin says:

Zac is so hot!

FoxeyPlays says:

Umm im pretty sure thats bad for the invirment bringing 9k lady bugs from another place to there sounds so bad

Neon_light says:

it leaked because you had soda in it, you shuck it and the cap popped off because of the gas pressure.

Nasrin Rana says:

Wow pretty lady bug😍

Potatoe Chips says:

I can never tell if they are joking or not

Blink_once_2C Twice says:

I have a ladybug phobia

Imderpy1234 says:

The reason the flask didn't work is because you used a carbonated drink which pushed up the cork

NotYourAngel says:

Knowing collegehumor, I kept waiting for the horrible twist

beggarmanthief says:

boyfriend pillow = Big Mood

kill bill says:

the tampon leaked cuz you used soda…