Billie Eilish Watches Fan Covers on YouTube | Glamour

On this episode of “You Sang My Song,” Billie Eilish watches fan covers on YouTube Music of her songs “Lovely,” “Ocean Eyes,” “Bellyache,” “When the Party’s Over,” idontwannabeyouanymore,” and “you should see me in a crown.” Fans react to Billie watching their music.

Watch the covers here:

Lovely: Aye! It’s XAÉ –
Arianna Worthen –
Lynnea M. –
Ocean Eyes: Keara Graves and Alyssa Baker –
The Theorist –
Bellyache: Daisy Clark –
When the Party’s Over: Abbey Glover –
idontwannabeyouanymore: Wei Nin –
you should see me in a crown: Sophie Pecora –
Social Repose –

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Billie Eilish Watches Fan Covers on YouTube | Glamour


Hanin Abdo says:

can you do Ariana Grande pleeeaasse

Jenna Rink says:

@SocialRepose is my man. He did the best to me.

Heather Harp says:

If my taco bell burrito flies, it better be gettin ready to into my mouth

XxRipX_xX 504 says:

I KNEW THAT WAS SOPHIA PECORA !!!! She was in a Shane Dawson video and she was awesome!!

Ell Lund says:

Rlly good ❤️

Hillary Sinclair says:

Billie should’ve seen the one by Lewis Blisset

xxUnicorn_ Kyliiexx says:

I want her to react to COPYCAT

Annie Fox says:

i love billie eilish!! i wish i could sing good i’m soooo bad at singing!!

Knights Play says:

I got no talent so…

OnceUponAWeeb says:

15:40 she cute asf marry me you smol bean

Sami Henry says:

listen to rory webley!!! 🙂

Stephanie Luna says:

billie will continue to be one of my favorite artist because of her voice and how genuine she is about giving her beautiful music to the world

iWolfPacX says:

6:26 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Emily Gupta says:

The Lost & Found people!!!

Maria Botelho says:

Alguém do Brasil… Tentando entender alguma coisa? ?;)

Emily Oviedo says:

yo pensaba que billie era una chica depresova y ruda por sus fotos pero ahora que la veo es un amorr My god!!! I love this girl♥

WhatsApp Funny says:

Why are they not going crazy, like wtf!
They just said: OMG! Wow ecc…

Olivia 123 says:

I can’t believe this girl is 16, she is the most mature person I’ve ever seen and she sees the good and beautiful in everything ❤️ she has an amazing voice that should be heard by everyone and her personality is beyond perfect. She’s amazing in every way and I love that she sees the good in everything and everyone ❤️

Serenity Cheetah says:

makes a cover so she can react to it

I actually might

sophia mikelle says:

shes so perfect wtf i love everything about her

WikuQQ Gacha says:

I love you Billie Eilish😍😻❤💞💕💕

Sleeping Ninja says:

idontwannabeyouanymore sounds like a Jessica rabbit song. so cool

Jennie Gamer says:

Billie I love your songs🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘

Max Easterling says:

ugh the first girls reaction was so cute omg😭😭

allydagator says:


katie shevel says:

I kinda just skipped the reactions of the people it annoyed me a little

Sabrina Briani says:

Crying at this 😭

Msp m00d says:

why she sid arianna ?