Best of Friendcast Mailbag – Part A

Best of Friendcast Mailbag – Part A

Covering mailbags 1 through 6.
All credit goes to

Sorry if you don’t see your present here, I chose parts based on my own opinions.

songs used are Red Sun from MGR:R, With Your Drill Pierce the Heavens, and Is a Mole Just a Mole? from gurren lagann.

There’ll probably be 3 or 4 of these, each abouts an hour long

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Kickback says:

Ya know what they shoulda said when they got the box sets?
We’ll repay this.
We’ll repay this ten times over!

Necromorph_801 says:

Can anyone make out what the googly Dav Cage textbubble said?
It might read "I made the good package!", but I’m not sure.

zachanikwano says:

Wait you can send weapons in the mail

Lord Dread Raven says:

Even now, I am in AWE of how much the fanbase loves these fuckers.

Arlice Young says:

God damn that’s some depressing candy

Rhys Clark Film & Media says:

man, if this came back i would die

Kry Edge says:

I miss the dread monster woolie, now he is only a dread lord

Lenky Lad says:

Even though it’s been years I still remember that little jingle fondly.

Ty Ostby says:


madthrasher88 says:

Pat fighting for his life to not take the second baby gave me a fuckin ab workout.

Enrico Pucci says:

29:30 if only they knew

Sitruk86 says:

46:43 oh god i cant breathe

Yamato Hotsuin says:

God, they were on the Steamed Hams meme before it was a meme.

Stephen The Average Gamer says:


Jacob Applehoof says:

Can someone give context as to the significance of that last package? Why was it so hype?

JackgarPrime says:

So did we ever find out who Seth actually is? Did it turn out he was Santa Claus?

SGplaysIt says:

Woolies struggle with the viper is the stuff of legends

Stevey Strikes Again "Typo Intended" says:

11:55 did they meme that before it became popular

DenimGiant says:

fuck, pat’s baby hands, so precious

gonzo the great says:

i don’t know why this makes me smile so much, it’s like that feeling of watching your kids or people you love open shit at christmas.

Jamie Sutherland says:

Woolie tears are the best tears

Brandon says:

Seth is too nice

Fat4all says:

i want someone to look at me
the way Woolie looks at that katana

Mist-heart says:

I feel like I’ve commented this before but the letter at 38:15 is lyrics to the Rufus Rex song Worlds In-Between

HDmex's Instant Replay says:

Spoiler alert for behind the scenes that occurred after 46:00.

Because someone sent US Air Force Gear, I got pissed off.
I am an Army Guy. So I had to go "Above and beyond the call of duty" and send some bad ass swag to these motherfuckers.

I recently got back from Deployment in Afghanistan and it sucked. But with the videos and the newly made podcast, it made life a bit more tolerable.

So if my memory serves me correct, the things I sent:
Challenge Coins
Sand from Afghanland
and all themed with my job (11B Infantry, 101st AIRBORNE)

Along with a homemade SUPER BEST FRIENDS BOARD GAME! that I made myself.
Art and game gear by me.

I missed the recording by about a week cause I sent it 2 days before they said "No more" So I was bummed that my putting AF to shame wasn’t witnessed.

And as they responded to me in message "Man, shoulda known that’d start a pissing contest between you folks, hah"

It was all worth it. 🙂

Hakuru15 says:

anyone know where they read out a letter about a nun turned into a CIA operative?

James Atkins says:

I never stop coming back to this video just cus of the gurann lagunn collectors set.

Adam, you absolute madman

Melted Sherbert says:

1:01:10 I still can’t fucking believe this happened. TWICE.

Necromorph_801 says:

40:11 Metal Gear Wooliesing

JZPotter says:

When they give Liam Gurren Lagan it’s literally the sweetest most touching thing ever

the dan hibiki says:


Sigismund, The Emperor's Champion says:

And to this day, almost 4 years later that Steve Buscemi portrait is still in Pat’s possession

Papa Metamacha says:

That moment when they unboxed the second blu ray set and got Liam to take it was surprisingly touching. Perhaps I’m just a sappy bitch (which I am) but these guys are like brothers and that’s a really cool thing to watch. They’re amazing to their fans, and always appreciative of what we try to do for them, even if we "morgage our babies" for them. It’s always nice to see a group of YouTubers who actually are Super Best Friends.

Vinny Raptor says:

"Say something cool."

Rhys Clark Film & Media says:

1:08:40 god dam it why did he have to leave WHY GOD WHY, TAKE ME INSTEAD!

Mr.Mugen93 says:

Mailbag Arc, best arc!!

I dunno says:

Followed by……


logandh2 says:

Pat wears (wore?) a XXL? Are sizes different in Canadida? He doesn’t look that big, he’s never looked that big?

The Skipper says:

That "red sun" insert at 52:10 was perfect

fml says:

you’ll cowards don’t even smoke crack is a good song

Necromorph_801 says:

58:44 Best Friends Cereal 2: Sugar Tendency

Red bee says:

Little did we know the real curse was our rising super star falling away from the ziabatsu

Mist-heart says:

Someone’s probably already pointed it out but that fucking notebook paper has the lyrics for Rufus Rex’s Worlds In-Between.

Thicc Boss says:

Fire Axe 4:00
28:10 that line
29:37 nostalgia rebirth
39:45 lol XD
40:51 awesome 2x
42:16 rock paper scissors shit!
47:21 dont pinch me senpai
49:47 weapons
1:01:05 finale

-_Melow_- says:

I didn’t think it would get this emotional….

you're just in a different dream says:

Predating the steamed hams meme by years

jere miah says:

feed ya kids

JonV says:

I like how when Woolie stabbed his finger Matt showed genuine concern and Pat just laughed

Cassius Williamson says:

The nostalgia 😄

BlargleWargle says:

I love the mailbag videos but the people who sent them actual fucking weapons are idiots.