Best Inflatable Hot tub / Spa Review – Instructions – Tutorial – Intex portable

Best Inflatable Hot tub / Spa Review – Instructions – Tutorial – Intex portable

This is detailed review / instructional video on an Intex inflatable hot tub / spa. It tells you all that you need to know about it and some accessories that are a must have! It is a lonnnnng video and you should only watch it if you want to buy an inflatable hot tub / spa.

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David Alvarez-Ponce says:

Very funny!

ucigucimuci says:

thanks. Just thought of getting one, now that I have seen this I sure will ..

CreepyMonkey HeadGame says:

How much do you pay for this because they’re all over eBay for $65 and I want to buy one but as surprising as it is the low prices what’s drawing me away it’s also free shipping

Margie Gandy says:

You are awesome! Love your whole set up with the privacy and such. Great information!

Bad Movie Reviewer says:

Can I put this in my basement instead?



Winston Hicks says:

This dude is awesome!

big nukem says:

😂🤣Great video dude!!😂🤣 My uncle just ordered 1 and sent me this vid. Now it looks like I got to get one of these muther fudgers😁

Flash Reviews says:

This guy is so funny! Great vid

Jim M says:

this thing is great if I wasn’t an idiot and listen to the wife we could had it years ago the inflatable part i didn’t like. now i do.

Antigone K says:

You are hilarious! Totally wish I’d seen this before setting mine up.

FYI, the newer version (28405E-2018) does NOT come with a pressure gauge.

On the one hand, this is great because you don’t have to check it. It’s got some flappy-doodles that let out excess air.

On the other, when you sit on it, overfill the water, or anything like that, the tub thinks it’s got too much air and releases the excess. This means it needs more air once every 3-4 weeks.

This newer model also came with the chlorine dispenser (I use bromine) and two pillows. The bromine is nicer on the smell and skin. I still use gloves to put it in the dispenser, though.

Mine also came with LED lights. I thought they’d look stupid. Turns out they’re really pretty when the bubbles are bubblin’.

I bought a net and a scrubber kit. Using the scrubber instead of the vacuum means all that gunk floats around, but that’s what filters are for 😛.

I live in an area with soft water and actually need to add minerals to the water so it doesn’t corrode all the pieces parts. I also add a couple squirts of defoamer every week, and a squirt or two of brightener with skin softeners. Water stays crystal clear and feels like silk!

And oh my effing dog yes, this is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made!!

Because I’m in Michigan, this puppy lives in the basement so it can be used year-round. The inflatables really don’t like temps below about 40, and we’ve seen days when the high is below zero degrees Fahrenheit. That’s right, the heat of the day might be a balmy -20. It’s awesome. Just kidding. But then the summer can see a week or two over 100, and I still wanna use this, so here again the basement works well.

Anywayz, you’re f’awesome! Thank you for putting this video together!

tendertears2001 says:

Great approach to keeping it entertaining and fun….lol

Music4Hire says:

The wife and I are looking at getting one of those and your review was very helpful, Cheers! Thank you!

Frank Torres says:

Just bought mines for black Friday 2018 best review Mr Dave had me rollin’ thanks for the info man now I don’t feel intimidated digging into the box I definitely know what expect thanks again

Umair Idrees says:

Great review mother fudging fudger!

DragonSin Inc. says:

thanks brother!!!! Really helped me out. You made a simpel installation even simpler. youtube need more guys like you. Have a nice day and thanks again :3

Sev Zor says:

Love you David Spates …I learned a lot and you made me laugh

Volkai says:

Nicely done! Funny and informative in equal measure.

I just needed to figure out how to help a friend reinflate a newer version of this (didn’t come with an air pressure gauge but has an anti-overinflation measure built in) and I learned how to do that but kept watching for the laughs.

Great motherfudgin’ video!

Vegito Black says:

Well…time to get one!

Mandy Rivers says:

I am right now this very minute setting mine up with you and your funny as "ship" video! Lmaooooooooo! You are why I picked this tub! 😂

Mariana Baldazo says:

Im curious on pg&e if you leave it on everyday, What state do u live in?

Gorvaunity says:

Man, you should be on mother fudgin’ TV. Best review I’ve ever seen!!!

Andrew O'Rourke says:

Do you ever refill the tub while it is still full of water?

Gloria H. says:

You talk to mother fudge’n much. But you did give some great information. I will not be buying one of these.

Vincent Dsnt says:

David you did good !

Dave Hall says:

Great Video … came here looking for some guidance.  Not only did I get guidance, I got a the funniest, most convincing sale patter I have ever heard.Thanks Dave … now to convince my better half.Probably tag her into the video link 🙂

Jason Myers says:

Funny dude. Yet very helpful

Lawrence Hippler says:

I love him he’s great at this to make it funny better than those serious tubers

Monique Dunn says:

I am thinking of buying this hot tub by the price, reviews and ratings it looks like its the best!

Kelvin McCray says:

Great Job David, I’ve been thinking about getting one before i get a larger one. You helped alot. Thanks Very funny by the way.

Otis Tp says:

They need to give this brother a check. Lol I might get one after seeing this.

Smeg somethingorother says:

That electric outlet right over the pool lol


Watched whole video good stuff

Amber Kirk says:

OMFG THANK YOU!! we used your video and my spa is almost resdy! You are fucking fantastic!

Jester's Aquatics says:

Interesting review. I am on my 3rd season with the Lay-z-spa miami (I have a review of it on my channel). I enjoy it and at a fraction of the cost of a regular hot tub it’s been a pretty solid investment.

Nickybandz says:

Great review and great vid hahahaha what a guy

Dagreatest Smith says:

U are so funny bud I am liking this just cause of u lol

Roland Smith says:

Excellent review David. This is the best damp mother fudger video I’ve ever seen on Youtube. Two thumbs way up.

lorton190 says:

this was very good and the main thing i will use this for is ice baths for workout recovery and weight loss. thank you

Joey Latocha says:

Great review Dave!! I just got my Intex spa and followed your video, It was great thanks for the tips too!!!

pigtyme says:

They should include your video with every new unit. Good information and funny stuff!

Lexa Hart says:

20:03-20:11 hahaha

Nick Mitro says:

Loved it!

Zac Economou says:

so so funny I really enjoy set up my hot top and laughing my head of doing it thanks for the tips I love this video

mrtruedetermination says:

Would have taken me much longer without his help.

10/10 for not letting me look stupid in front of my friends

elevate111 says:

You are one funny mother-fudger.

dvfreelancer says:

Definitely one of the better reviews you’ll find on anything. Very helpful, entertaining. Makes me want to invite Dave and his wife over for beers.

Clayton Parkhurst says:

This guy is mother fudging hilarious

G Garrett says:

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Great video bro

Will Aleman says:

By far the best setup guide and mother fudgn tutorial on this damp hot tub. Just bought for wifey (and possibly me) and filling up now. Thanks !!!