Best funny videos 2017 : Funny fails & pranks compilation

Best funny videos 2017: Try not to laugh smile or grin while watching this Funny fails & pranks compilation. This is very hard version of try not to laugh challenge


Josh Allen says:

The laughing is annoying

galaxyniom 44 says:

This is no funny

Coy says:

they ate too much dog…

Dream Gamer says:

Asians da best ;3


5:10 pig rider

Zonester05 says:

A lot of these are fake

Marcelko Žák says:

1:12 lol????

crespolini blogsinis says:

Pls stop with this fake ass videos

krooo 473 says:

5:08 Hogrider comes out

5661kenn says:

I love ?? china

5661kenn says:

this is sooo FUNNY?????LIKE LOL

hlaing minoo says:

Super super super lol

MB 001 says:

nice video, here´s another funny movie 🙂

高橋慧 says:

0:35 cute❤

Rocio Franco says:

It,s verte funny

md rakibul islam says:

mon kharao sjzab a a,bxsj. x

Jaap voetbal says:

For another great compilation go to

joel perez says:

The chinese videos arent funny

Nigela Ivanka Salazar says:

haha the first one

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