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If you have a smart watch you need to download these apps asap! I have the 42mm Apple Smart watch and am super productive when I use these apps.
I actually didn’t think it would make that much of a difference not using the iWatch but after using it I can’t ever be without one. Let me know what
other apps I should download.

HP’s DIY Blog http://myprintly.com/members/belinda-selene/
The DIY Disney Couple Shirts will be out probably next month.

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Map my run
iWatch Accessories
Gucci Band – http://bit.ly/2O1aFrQ
Rose Gold Chain Band – http://bit.ly/2LN5b6h
Rose Gold Pandora Bracelet – http://bit.ly/2LPgDyy
Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet – http://bit.ly/2LWCsfG
Watch Charging Dock – http://bit.ly/2NYddXy
PO Box 3292
Munster, IN 46321
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Bianca Stewart says:

Your bands are soooo nice love them. Loved you video thanks for sharing.

Caira Hotaling says:

“Everyone has one of these” lmaooooo where tf do you live???? I know maybe 5 people who have one

Paige Woodruff says:

I have Spotify on my Apple Watch

The Cruz Life says:

I just got my apple watch for Xmas and I’m loving it ! I came here from the link posted in the gucci band Etsy owners page! I might have to get this and for myself as well!!

Em & May says:

What Apple Watch Series you have and how many bands you have for you Apple Watch

Aly Aguilar says:

If u pay for spotify just pay for Apple Music 🤣

Cajsa Lindahl says:

I need to order that Gucci band!

It’sReni says:

I'm getting mine next Thursday! We ordered it last night and I got a 42 mm black

Cupcake Sparkle says:

I like the bands and your bracelets

momof 2 says:

I bought me today Apple Watch series 4 do you still have this Apple Watch!? Cute bands you have I want one can you link them thanks!

Cupcake Sparkle says:

Cute bands I need that bracelet type one

PieceofSamantha says:

I don’t know what I’d need to Apple Watch for, but I want one🤷🏻‍♀️ super cute!

Aspen Grey says:

Which series us that Apple watch? The series 4 doesn't have rosegold neither the series 3

Keana Gross says:

I want one now lol 😂

Boo Desii says:

What’s your playlist

Juliet Mary says:

Is it the series 3

Andreina Vanessa says:

Loved seeing how you accessorized your watch!

Karol Daza says:

the link to purchase the band doesnt work… could you please copy and paste for me again?

rishaunikki32 says:

Im new to your channel. I also would love to know where you got your fanny pack from with the multiple pockets.

Kelly G says:

I’m watching this video because I am about to get an Apple Watch… but then I got super distracted… WE LIVE CLOSE! I saw your map on mapmyrun and was like… um I know those cities, WHAT!! How cool, so happy to see such a successful person come out of our area!! 💕💕💕

940Nancy940 says:

GO CUBSSSS!!!! 😃🐻⚾️👍🏼🎉

Anna Thinggaard says:

“Everyone have A smarkwach”… really? Then bye one 4 me!

miranda stromberg says:

When I tried on the 42mm it looked weird on my wrist so I got the 38 but it looks so good on her I’m mad 🗣🗣🗣🗣

christian sanders says:

i dont own one bc… xdd

Vera Baptista says:

Hi Belinda! You have such a great taste! Loved the video and your bracelets ❤️ so I was wondering, you don’t feel the need to use a screen saver? I just got my watch and I’m kinda worry about scratching or whorse: break it! Keep w the cool videos!! Kiss 💋

ashley gonzales says:

I don’t have an Apple Watch I wish I had one I will one day 😢😢

Courtney Johnson says:

You should check out bezels and bytes bands! They are gorgeous! 😍😍😍

CandaceYoutube says:

I didn’t realize the impact of having likes on a video! I’m glad u explained that! I liked the video of course 😄

kaché melli says:

i’m buying an apple watch today & found this video ! it was destiny ☺️😂

Alesiaxo says:

I wanted the 42mm I got mine with sprint and they only had the 38mm 😭😩

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