‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Predictions, Plus: Chris & Krystal Wedding Scoop!

After the new “Bachelor in Paradise” cast was announced, Kendall Long, who found love on the show with Grocery Store Joe, gave us some of her predictions for this summer. Plus, can she tell us anything about “BIP” couple Chris Randone and Krystal Nielssen’s wedding? (Kendall just *might* have been there!)


Blair Swann says:

I hope they choose Tyler. He and Hannah G, they are all what I want

Sara Sonnenberg says:

Nah mike and Demi lovato belong together!

Mike D says:

Joe, hint….:)

Kitty Kat says:

I like Dylan. He is a guy of substance and REALLY good-looking too. I would love to see him with Hannah G.

Jane Kosola says:

Why aren't Kendall and Joe engaged yet?

KLynn Green says:

Krystal with Chris, ie Goose. Goose has left sleeve tatoo of THE ALL SEEING EYE AND ILLUMINATI WHICH WORSHIPS LUCIFER

Tulop says:

I want dustin, because i liked him from the beginning he had a good personality he didn't get full justice ;(

Tulop says:

I don't know blake but i honestly ship cam and hannah G.

Jen H says:

As of today 6/24 Luke is still on The Bachelorette….#Spoiler??

Toria Rose says:

Kendall is so gorgeous. Love her.

Elizabeth McGreevy says:

Mike + Tashia

Elizabeth McGreevy says:

John Paul Jones + Demi YES

Miss Marie says:

I am so on board with a Bachelor nation preschool 🙈 they could make it a show, it would be great hahaha

Kelly Downey says:

If it ain’t John Paul Jones and Demi I don’t want it

Sumerianharp says:

i’d watch keeping up with grocery joe and kendall

Sumerianharp says:

can’t wait for BIP. season to premiere. This bachelorette season is agonizing

Lindsay Harris says:

I love Kendall’s haircut

Drakulla67 says:

Is this filmed at Universal studios in Orlando?

Gossip Gal says:

Microphones need to be louder..

Ece Erdem says:

Mike’s gonna be in paradise? I thought he was gonna be the bachelor nooooo!!!

Christina Nguyen says:

What about Chase Mcnary from Jojo season should be in Bachelor in paradise

Natalia Martinez says:

who thinks cam is like an evan

Trevor Michaud says:

Hannah what the fuck are you talking about "she needs a man"… you don't even have a man lmao. Focus on your own love life sis. Pretty ironic how she's saying all these girls need a man when she don't even have one herself.


Colton Underwood said him and cassie are coming

Cory Smith says:

I keep hearing them say John Paul Jones is intelligent….but they never really showed him speak just showed these spacey facial expressions on the show. Made him seem really aloof. I'd can't wait to see him on BIP!

Timmy Buffles says:

Kendall ditched Grocery Joe for a quick fuck. I like her but Grocery Joe deserves better.

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