Baby Driver | Last Fight Scene

Baby Driver | Last Fight Scene – Unseen Movie Clips
I do not own or take credit for the clip used in this scene

I watched the full movie online here 😀 –


Viraldose says:

I watched the full movie online here 😀 –

ijustwannasleep says:


mimi evil says:

Dominic please take baby to be in ur team.. 😂😂

Levi Anderson says:

"When he sees red, you'll see nothing but black"

That red light is all over buddy's face showing his rage to make baby suffer

Matt J says:

A couple days after I showed my family this movie, my brother told me that he was falling asleep before the movie started, but figured he'd try to stay awake as long as possible to be nice. By this action scene, he was wide awake, and when Buddy fired the gun next to Baby's ears, my brother told me his heart almost stopped because he was so scared that Baby would go deaf.

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