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Attack on titan wrist watch unboxing! (The actual wrist watch)

hey guys here is my unboxing of the attack on titan wrist watch I have not seen any videos of this watch so I hope you guys enjoy and I hope this helps you decide if you want one or not. It is a really nice watch.


Nes343 says:

To set the time – press the watch 8 times and then hold.
credit for figuring ot out goes to seth adams.


Hola yo no se inglés :v
Alguien me podría decir si marca la hora o solo es de colección

Keijiro NT says:

How to recharge

Ole Goebel says:

same problem setting the watch…

Emrys Mayham says:

I got the sao version of the watch for a friend and it didn't come with instruction and it had the wrong time anything I could do?

HitsuraKaeshi says:

Get your anime merchs here @ noanime__nolife (Carousell)! You can suggest the items/design you'd like and they'll get it for you. ships worldwide!

Davide Di Fazio says:

how long does the battery work???

Ben Erby says:

i want to buy this so bad but the maker doesn't ship it to the netherlands

Nicholai Vincent says:

I've got the same watch but for Hitsugaya toushiro from bleach. It's pretty awesome but I can't understand how can I set the time. D: Could you make a video for that please?!

Alexis Alexander says:

I wanna get the Fairy Tail version of this! This is sweet!!!

Seth Adams says:

How do you set time? please respond ASAP.

TheCapcom1996 says:

How do u change battery ?? I can't get back off mine !! I got the same Titan watch just can't figure out how to get it off and can't find anywhere online how ! Do u know how ?? Thanks

Thomas de Haas says:

Got one for 11$ idk if its legit i hope so

KiminoCentros says:

How do you set the time on it cause I'm confused

Jasmin Maria says:

Just got mine, I only watched it all the way through because I thought you would show me how to set it. It's not helpful unless you can actually tell the time so I don't know why anyone would want to watch this without getting any valuable information ;/

DamonSalvatoreFreak8 says:

The lights blinded meeeeeeee aaaaahhh

0oCyrilo0 says:

I had to comment due to the 2 major problems I noticed in this video. Couldn't sit by and let this slide.
#1. This watch is not an officially licensed merchandise, it is made by a Chinese company called XingYunShi and it is not Japanese.
#2. The lettering on the side is also not Japanese, it is known as simplified Chinese.
The manga does not show any of them wearing watches. Even though I think this watch is pretty cool, it's unofficial.
See for yourself: http://www.amazon.com/wildforlife-attack-scouting-legion-digital/do/B00FAVVL0

TheCapcom1996 says:

Post a video of you setting your watch plz ! I just got a gold eren one for Xmas and don't know how to set it lol

kntwing says:

hard to read the time?u're really cool.justin………

Anya says:

How do you set the hour and time?

CameleonClyde says:

Looks great, just bought it for 2dollars on ebay. 
Very cheap, idk if it is a mistake :p

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