Apple watch teardown ( battery replacement) done successfully


MANI D'ORO says:

mai visto tecnici che aprono telefoni oppure orologi con cutter ridicolo vai a fare due corsi di aggiornamento sei troppo arretrato

MANI D'ORO says:

cambia mestiere non e arte tua

Nether Warrior says:

Lets use a box cutter on a $400 msrp watch, what will ever go wrong.

Hung Truong says:

I can remove & replace the battery without unplugging the screen cable, and it works fine. Thank you

Joseph Broderick says:

You must be a brain surgeon in your day job ! 😉

Moisii Norbert says:

You should rename this video 'How we can properly cover an iWatch with our hand'. Useless video Mr.Shaking Hand..

Richard Morrissey says:

@2:21 Ouch!

jorgejuancn says:

Thank you for your video. It helps me to disssembly a iwatch screen.

David Thomas says:

Worked perfectly, thank you very much. I'd suggest using a normal commercial hair dryer, rather than heat gun, as that was plenty hot without damaging components inside.

I also had trouble with the bracket, but managed to carefully unstick the entire housing of that bracket (bottom is stuck to the base) and could (carefully) carry out the repair around it – you don't need to remove all the cables that way but obviously need to be careful that you don't damage any of the wires.

Thanks again!

Ben Arellano says:

Well I think I just fried my Apple Watch…I was able to remove the screen after giving significant heat. I replaced the battery just fine but the watch will not turn on. I placed the old battery back in but same result, won’t turn on. I guess I must have cooked the screen or damaged something else. Great video just be careful when heating the screen.

Pharma Cology says:

Automatic credibility when you recommend the use of a box cutter to open an expensive watch. What could possibly go wrong?

Solelit Kicks says:

8:02 “I remember I open this before and there must be like easy way to remove it, but because I forget I’m just like trying whatever” – screen still attached😂😂😂😂

RobyTotem says:

Hi, how many °C must be set the heat gun to open the watch but do not damage it? Thank you

SuzyQ says:

Where do I get the battery?

gadget-pros inc says:

I followed these steps and replaced my battery but the problem is it is stuck in the screen with charging cable and blinking in intervals of about 5 sec. Left it to charge overnight but no change, when i return the old battery, it powers on with no problem ! Any help on this ? Or the new battery is bad !!

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