Apple Watch Series 4 Protection Cases Review

We found the best of the best case to fully protect your apple watch series 4.
Links where to buy,

Clayco Apple Watch 4 Case/Band 44mm 2018 (Good)

SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case (Great)

YOUKEX Compatible Apple Watch Case (Awful)

Pobon Apple Watch 4 Case (Bad)


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Karol Nowosad says:

Thank you mate for that. Now I know that Supcase was the best choice even if I’m still worried about glass (any front hit where there is no protection on screen). I hope that other people will use your clip as a guide. Thank you once again.

涛 杨 says:

Great, could you please tell us your address, then we can send you something?

Ryan Rockwell says:

how do you like the spigen rugged armor for Apple watch? because that's what I'm using and I like it!

Oneminuteunboxings says:

Very nice video! At last someone shows Apple watch s4 cases. Thanks!

The Tech Wiccan says:

I like to wear my Apple Watch naked, but hubby likes these cases. Thanks. 🙂

Bob Jones says:

All the cases look ugly and detract from the Apple design.
If you have to I think best to skip on a cover when needed but then again I’ve had all the watches from the start working in construction and transport and touch wood no breakage but some small scuffs here and there .Love to see slip on cover ones.

Escanor Sama says:

Not 400$ lol… 575$ Apple products…. I really thought series 4 is worth it buying but since I bought it’s not worth 575$…. i don’t even use it when I got to school I leave it in my house…but i be like what ever…

Pika817 says:

What band is that at 0:16 ?

Lumber Jack says:

Hey on I Blasón they sell those last two cases on their website. I bought an iPhone 8 case and it is really really good I e had it for a year and is still holding up really well so it’s a brand I recommend.

The Cooper Tech Kid says:

Holy macaroons! Their still doing apple watches!!!

Arcilon Junior says:

dont forget the spigen show it to us