American Gods Season 2 Teaser Shot by Shot Breakdown

I am a little late but I finally got around to breaking down the recent Teaser Trailer for American Gods Season 2. I cover each shot and let you know all the details and information I know about it.
If you noticed something I missed please write it in the comments below.

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Renzo García says:

Its Mr Ibis, not Mr Jacquel aka Anubis

Anita Foster says:

😢2019?! 😭

Anita Foster says:

Its not bahg for Bog. Its pronounced like o in boy.

Katarina Freding says:

It's really cute how you think all of these shots have a deeper connection to the plot (like the mannequin being a metaphor for Laura), but having been to House on the Rock on a regular basis I can inform you they're just interesting shots from inside the attraction that relate somehow to the plot. The carousel doesn't have a coin machine, so the one they showed has to be for one of the automatons or the player orchestras (which I hope to God they show), and the mannequin is a fortune teller (who gives eerily accurate fortunes I might add). I love American Gods and I love House on the Rock, and this whole teaser is basically just an homage to House on the Rock.
Go there. It will change your whole life.

Scott Kennedy says:

The flowers were the same ones seen when Easter clears the land. Def Inari the Japanese Kitsune dressed as a geisha (The female form often used by Kristine)

Donovan Gesting says:

just a nerd bit of knowledge. The Blue paint is actually indigo mixed with woad, a drug that reduced blood flow, pain and when wounded acted like a stimulant. a roman general described it in his diary when the Romans battled the picts.

Ashi Aku says:

If Neil has more control I’m worried because the show is much better than the book

Joseph Grant says:

Hard to tell, but the flowers could be irises. Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow (in Spanish Arco de Iris) and was a messenger goddess.

Casey Willhite says:

I'm confused. Did you not read the book? I only ask because, if you had, you'd know that Thor was not in the book and was only briefly mentioned once. Also, you'd know exactly what the throwing of the spear is about and how important it is.

Bmore Queeze says:

They left a season cuz they was a bunch of fucking bitches

Monica Saunders says:

The coin is for the fortune teller machine at House on the Rock not the carousel.

tavoakd says:

What about Zeus?

Sara Levendusky says:

House on the Rock is crazy and a great place to visit. Can't wait to see it on the show!

TheDarkApex says:

I think the god with the fur on his cloak next to Czernobog and Shadow is Thor
im assuming Odins own son who likes to fight evil and destructive forces would join Odins cause and since the existence of there lives and pantheons are on the line
and the goddess on the left of Czernobog could be a native american god due to the outift
and the god with the gold cloak and white hair next to possibly Kali could be Zeus
i mean Odin and Zeus are both super old elder gods (elder gods is a term i use to signify gods that are the second or first of there pantheon if that makes since) so im sure Odin could have called in Zeus, and the god with the poney tail wearing the white could be Ra buttt since this show is very accurate to religions Ra would have a head of a hawk, so it could be Czernobogs brother MAYBE lol
and if the god behind the possible zeus and kali is a norse god then it could be either a Aiser or Vanir god
so it could wither be Tyr(one of odins sons and is usually depicted as being Odins oldest son i believe) or Njord (a ancient Vanir god)or Freyr (Freyas brother and a vanir god) or Ullr (a Aesir god) or he could be even Odins father Borr (an ancient Aiser god) thers just alot of possiblities
hell there could be some Celtic gods in there
I'd love to see Morrigin the Celtic goddess of war and fate and death
i'm a big pagan and more so i can go deep and all day with this stuff lol
Id also love to see Lucifer crossover with American gods! i like to think there in the same universe, im so ready for season 2
im also so interested in god of war which is gonna be exploring even more faiths after there done with Norse and im just a huge god fanatic lol

LG1031 says:

I really didn't love the first season despite being a huge fan of the book. so I'm actually a little glad the behind the scenes production has been shaken up. obviously it might not make it better but there's a chance it will from my perspective.

Mairìan says:

Pretty sure that god in the bronze armor is Poseidon–he has water behind him, and his hair and beard look like how is portrayed in statues.

Mairìan says:

The blue flowers may be forget-me-nots?