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Check out the new American Gods Season 2 Teaser starring Yetide Badaki! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Air Date: March 10, 2019
Starring: Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning
Network: Starz
Synopsis: When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Little does Shadow know, this storm will change the course of his entire life. Left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife, and suddenly hired as Mr. Wednesday’s bodyguard, Shadow finds himself in the center of a world that he struggles to understand. It’s a world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear both irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods, like Technology and Media. Mr. Wednesday seeks to build a coalition of Old Gods to defend their existence in this new America, and reclaim some of the influence that they’ve lost. As Shadow travels across the country with Mr. Wednesday, he struggles to accept this new reality, and his place in it.

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René Poblete Arizmendy says:

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Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool says:

Crispin Glover is really good at playing the villain.
I find his character both messed up and fascinating.
Also, if Mad Sweeney doesn't come back (if they make a season three) I'm going to be hella upset. I actually really liked his character and his backstory.

Ernest Oglesby says:

Season 2 was a big disappointment, as was New Media.

Patrick Sky says:

Crispin Glover for joker.

First Sword says:

They are teaching the world paganism, idolatry and jinn worship, playing with fire.

"And [mention] the Day when He will gather them all and then say to the angels, "Did these [people] used to worship you?"

They will say, "Exalted are You! You, [O Allah ], are our benefactor not them. Rather, they used to worship the jinn; most of them were believers in them."

But today you do not hold for one another [the power of] benefit or harm, and We will say to those who wronged, "Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you used to deny."

(Quran 34: 40-42)

Creativité-0 Greed-Show says:

Ok I am defininetly watching this

Hotasshokage Hotasshokage says:

I just saw the second season and it was SPECTACULAR Jesus the quality of the dialogues, sorry telling, SPECIAL EFFECTS and this actors’ acting is BEYOND everything

Aleksandar Topic says:

Ou, literally the coolest of them all, Czernobog is not on the list? Ok, cool.

Mr Glass says:

“Wednesday the name that turns the game.”1:08

Shruti Kulkarni says:

I have always wondered why isn't there any indian gods or Asian deities in this show. And I realised that it's because many people still worship and believe in them whereas most God's in the show are not prominently worshiped in this day and age.

D Roman says:

The TV series is a pretty big letdown in comparison to the clever, very original book. I think the TV series ruined the story with all the perpetual victimhood, social activist preaching, which is too bad because the cast and acting are very good.

مرتضى الفاطمي انصار الشيعه says:

مسلسل مبني على الإساءة ويشكك بوجود ( الله عزوجل)

Perseus Gorgonomàchi says:

sweeny looks like sergio ramos so much

Don Juan says:

Believe in TRUTH!!

Jonathan Pratt says:

Anybody knows if there is a site i can watch this on

Chloe Meagan says:

I've only watched a couple of episodes and trailers so can anyone enlighten me – is there really only 3 women for like 383t4r383t46583 gods in this ?

Unstoppable Gaming says:

F in the chat for mad 🍀
He died
Welcome u guys

IT says:

What's the music at the beginning

Jerry Meeks says:

The new media is basically an Asian Porn star who wants bukakkee.

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