American Gods Season 2 Episode 8 Finale Breakdown + Easter Eggs "Moon Shadow"

Another episode of American Gods premiered. this time Season 2 Episode 8 “Moon Shadow”. Once again, I break it down and reveal all the easter eggs and references you missed.

Let me know if I missed something and your theories in the comments below.

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StoryDive says:

Have you ever wondered what Shadow's light is? I did a video breaking down a popular theory about this:
Also, if you want to pick up the novel American Gods and help support my channel. Here is a link that will send me a little something at no extra charge to you. It's the same price as the normal listing:
A link for Gaiman's novel Anansi Boys, that follows Mr. Nancy's sons:
And a link for the Gaiman short story collection "Fragile Things" that includes "The Monarch of the Glen": .

Simón Montero says:

I wont be back to seaso 3, Period.

Nothing Catchy says:

I have enjoyed the show, but know nothing of the books. I hope the CEO and tech boy 2.0 are in the books because I hated their entire storyline and wish it was left out or done differently.

Leah Marie says:

I really want Sweeney to come back. He’s a god of the sun and the sun dies every night only to be born again. So I really really need Laura to use that potion on him!

boen galutera says:

Does anybody else think Michael Ainsel sounds like Michelangelo a bit too much for comfort? Or am I just reading into things?

Lizzie Flower says:

Probably a repeat question but wasn’t Shadows bunk mate in prison named “Low Key”? Any connection to Loki?
I have loved your posts and would be lost without them

Tina Castaldo says:

I just want to let you know that the three triangles are called a vauglknot and anyone who wears it swears there life to Odin sometimes it could be good sometimes it could be bad.

jasmine walker says:

Idk if this is right but I feel like when they say “Moon Shadow” it has a meaning
Like when I search the moon having a shadow, it pulled up stuff about the solar eclipse. Basically the moon is blocking the sun from casting light onto earth. “Baldur- god of light”

KanIHabe DaPusiBaws says:

If they make season 3 they should stop this "Clever Writing" pace and storytelling

The only thing i understood in this ep is that Shadow is Baldur since he was a son of odin and his mom said that he had a "light" inside him and the only aesir god i know that has the affinity to light is Baldur i may be wrong but that's my prediction

Imset Sareem says:

Waiting on season 3.

Almost a Country says:

Just one thing: War of the Worlds is by H. G. Wells, not Orson Welles. 🙂

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