American Gods Episode 1 Breakdown!

Wondering what the hell is going on in American Gods? From Vikings to that crazy Bilquis scene, Buddy and Chastity break down the series premiere!

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GameSpot Universe says:

What was your favorite part of American Gods episode 1?

tovarishch zeyadovsky says:

the eagle is a creature lives on the top of the world tree yggdrasil in nordic mythology

Famous Wolf says:

Papa in Spanish is daddy.

moody owl production's says:

What day is it._..__..Oh it wendsday today is his day and it is too

Badboy DCX says:

God of Technology holy crap now that’s power •_•

Alberto Alperpaşa says:

It’s yesterday vs today. Medusa used to stone you, now the overuse of internet. Muses used to inspire you for arts, now you are your inspiration and art (selfies). Ganesha used to remove obstacles, now engines and med ops do that. Buddha (inner self) used to make you happy, now drugs. Jews used to light candles (representing miracles in Hanukah), now turn on electricity (machines, reality). And so on. I believe the last one is Ares and his carriage. Cars instead of horses, missile instead of bow, head tech instead of helmet.

creative profile name says:

I was kinda confused on why the Vikings were killing eachother

sponsored dynamics says:

You completely forget or dismissed that the eagle is a huge symbol for the United States of America. It's on our money, it's on our national seal, for crying out loud, the NAME of the show is 'American Gods', but Rome is what you came up with? smh

Will Dario says:

Y’all didn’t explain s*** I’m still high and confused. Arghhhhh

Inv1ctus6243 says:

Is it an Eagle? Looks more like a Raven.

Logan Gun says:

Being sucked into a goddess’s nether regions in pure pleasure, that’s how I wanna go

Jiastarr says:

don't know about each intro sequence but, in whole the once all the sequences are staked it looks like totem pole…

Lizz White/DC says:

Isn't the eagle a refrence to The thunderbird?

itsjustameme says:

Leif is pronounced as though it was spelled Laif.

Calrid Robnor says:

Each of the American Gods in the opening sequence, are basically representations of either new gods or old gods on a Totem pole, which is of course a reference to Indian mythology. I am not sure why they don't get that. But nevertheless…

The Marvelous One says:

Yeah, the buffalo is definitely from Native American mythology. I didn't even know about this show until today. I'm definitely about to check it out on demand.

Gul Dukat says:

The title picture looks like a Totem Pole, the white Buffalo is sacred to The Lakota Indians

Barbad J says:

isn't that Francis' wife from Malcolm in the middle

brian jacquet says:

Eagle vs serpent… enki vs enlil… god vs devil…

YoungRich VEVO says:

Hmmmmmm lemme be going joor

J. Lueker says:

Y’all missed Loki.

Famous Wolf says:

What if odin made it so when sweeney and shadow fought,he made it so that the coin end up in shadows possession?

Hodor! says:

It seems most people agree that it's a totem pole. I think so too. But I think the top piece is "the Thunderbird" and not an eagle.

Sarosh Brohi says:

So who was shooting the arrows at the Vikings?

Mpealow says:

Odin = The Spear Shaker = Shakespeare

Mpealow says:

Maybe the intro is about how we will combine Science and Religion

Fundi Fe says:

it's a totem pole built with all the gods as a standard. at least that's my opinion

Michael Nickels says:

The eagle at the top of the totem is more like a Native American Thunderbird.

Angel J. Taveras says:

Wow! I’m IN!

Fiucik Miselfo says:

why are those schmucks waving their branches like some rabbi?