I get asked all the time about my scars and have been wanting to make a dedicated video talking about my self harm/cutting scars. So here it is.

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Meyah Barnicle says:

I can see you bra

bigbullbk says:

It took 13 minutes to given an explanation? Just spit out the dam thing.


Your sooooooo fucking stupid like go see a damn therapist you don’t have to beg for attention and shit like it’s so fucking annoying

cripy shrimp says:

Sounds dump but I cut myself because I want to see the blood😔 but I for don’t have a real reason why I’m doing this but now while I’m doing this I only think about my cuts there not deep yet but I think it’s getting worser for me..I’m so lost

Babilona Hermes says:

I know that feeling I’ve been through it

BTS suga Is my bias&bias wrecker says:

I have done it sooo sooo many times that

Rebecca Scaggs says:

3:12 ……………………LEGOS💀😂

Maya Garcha says:

I have cuts only on my legs

Ling Ling The puppy says:


Uvrage12345 Ajai singh says:

At my school they always check our arms if we self harm ourself 😐

William Tallant says:

Roses are red,🌹
Violets are blue,🔹
Your mum just killed herself,
I hope you do too.

Emma Willson says:

I’m to the point where my arms feel heavy,I’m not that active,but I’m trying not to cut but it’s so tempting don’t worry about me though i n okay I have told my mother about it I’m going to get Somone to talk to eventually stay strong,beautiful,and unique!😍😍😍😘😘😘🐼🐼🐼👍👍:-)

ARMY BTS says:

u know, i get u
i cut 2 cause of bullies and school stress

Waxientje Wax says:

Ja dus

Kalyn Sara says:

I still self harm but I have to hide it because if my parents find out I will get my phone taken away and then I will literally kill my self not even kidding my phone is my safe place.

Natsu Dragneel says:

Ya know what i mean?

I don’t mean to be rude but it’s funny 😆

Nancy Linsky says:

I’m on my moms account and I’m only 9 years old and today November 3, 2018 still in school and i regret cutting myself and i don’t want to see the reaction of my friends at school

Andrea Awdish Kyorkeis says:

Your still very beautiful. Also everyone is beautiful and unique just the way they are!! ♥️

BTS Is life says:

I cut my arm with a leg shaver there small cuts but I mean

Baby Bluh says:

I thought the scar would go away….

briank05 says:

run for the hills lads

Zoe Taylor says:

2 months no self harm🥰

aleksandra dzunkova says:

I remember when either you or one of your subscribers had a go at me for asking where the scars were from , the repay was something like “a car crash”was the cause for it😂 I knew the truth, I was just looking for someone to relate to at the time, picked the wrong person 🤷🏼‍♀️

ausernameright? says:

I’m currently self harming at 13. I’m suicidal too 🙁

Forget It ESSKEETIT says:

fucking idiot

* Kiyomi * says:

I’m currently cutting (:(

SrishtiMishra says:

I was also depressed in my teenage and selfharmed ,
Now what to do with my scares plz give us advice to remove scares🙏🙏🙏🙏

Adam Collins says:

Why did she cut?

Ree King says:

I know this is a year old, and you probably won’t read it, kinda hope you don’t. I was a cutter. I was ashamed of my scars and tattooed over some of them. My triggers were anorexia, sexual abuse and my parents. I still have issues that haunt me. Thank you for sharing

Ignited soul says:

How to heal permanently? ? I hv cut marks on my bicep.

Deann Vasseau says:

STOP CUTTING i deal with the same thig whith my cousin cortney😭😭

Luka Lukunic says:

im in depression right now and the girl i asked out blocked me i don’t know is it me or i Said something wrong but i was Nice to her
I was having suicidal thoughts lately but i know when i need help

Cloudus says:

I’m only 13, i cut about 2 months ago, this video made me feel a little more comfortable about my scars. Thank you, people at school will ask about it, but they aren’t cuts, they are scars.

Caitlin Rose says:

I use to cut myself when I was younger because I had no friends and people manipulated me and I was so alone so I would find whatever and just cut myself and most were shallow so I have no scars but except one I accidentally went to deep and created a long line on my wrist that’s still there and I hate it but I’m better now and have relapsed only once and but other than that I’ve been clean for 3-4 years ☺️

Laura Grace Abbs says:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope your life is a lot happier than you were when you started cutting

Cabbage Soy says:

Girl you gotta wear a different shirt

Tyler says:

I cut rn

Bear and Polar Bear says:

I have scars all over my thigh and I want to stop but It feels impossible to stop

Yin Play says:

I know I’m kinda late, but thank you so much for this video. I stopped cutting about 5 months ago. I did it for about 8 months, and you really helped me sooo much with this video. Thank you ❤️

Pris_abi_dapotato🥔 says:

Please don’t hurt yourself if your depressed

Madelein Pretorius says:

I am 12 and i tried to commit suicide….

Absolutely Cookie says:

i self-harm.

-3•XxLunaxX-3• •3• says:

👱🏻‍♀️this is you (srry no arms, shoe)

Pravas Das says:

I wrote name by blade deeply on my left hand where the thumb finger end. 3 years ago,
I want to remove it please suggest me any home remedies or anythin..

jibi Anna Sam says:

how can i remove that scars …?

iiVellaii says:

How do i stop cutting myself? I really need soem help

hridoy hasan says:

How remove cutting scarc?

Stoner Squad Co-Leader Jamie Merrelas says:

Your beautiful and I got over 25 cuts in one cutting season

sahra skellington says:

I started cutting when I was 13 too, I’m still doing it now at 19 but knowing that you stopped at 19 gives me hope that it’s possible for me to stop as well. It just doesn’t seem like it most times, since it’s an addiction/habit that’s lasted for years and is pretty much the only coping mechanism I know

Pie_Draws Requests says:

I am 14 and I have a few visible scars from cutting. I have one eraser burn, one scar on my shoulder, too many to count on my right arm from a key, a few small ones and a huge one that was really deep on my left arm