All About Blind Pop Rivets – Types of Riveters | Rivets 101

Riveters, also known as Rivet Guns and Rivet Tools, are used to install Blind Rivets. They come in several varieties including hand operated, battery powered, and pneumatic for different application requirements. In this video, we explain the differences of each type of riveter and demonstrate how they are are used.

This is a compilation of clips from our videos on the types of pop rivet tools, how to use a rivet pneumatic air gun, how to use a lever rivet tool, the cordless battery powered rivet gun (BL18DR), and our video on the RK401CR cordless riveter.

Links to the full videos for each clip are listed below.

In order of appearance:

0:18 – Hand Riveters

1:11 – Lever Riveters

2:18 – Pneumatic Riveters

3:35 – BL18DR Cordless Riveter

5:39 – RK-401CR Cordless Riveter

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